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    I have a 2015 Base Slingshot. Installed Sumitomo HTR Z III 295/30R18 on the rear and it made one heck of an improvement, especially on damp roads. The 295/30R18 is generally considered the Largest tire that conforms to OEM specs in terms of diameter and fits w/o causing any problems. The largest front tire is 225/45R17, which Sumitomo also makes. NTB carries them. The rear cost me $266 installed with road hazard warranty. The fronts are around $118 each w/o road hazard warranty or installation. The road hazard warranty was around $28/front tire. Gonna replace the front OEMs once they wear out as I really haven't had any problem with them.

    When I installed my gas struts, I fastened it to the shock mount and then used it to figure out where to drill the hood hinge piece, checking to make sure everything would fit properly. After drilling, I disconnected the strut at the shock mount and connected the hood end. This then allowed me to compress the strut until I could reconnect the shock end. It does take a fair amount of force to compress the strut.

    I bought the JRI coilovers back during the group buy (Feb '16?) and they definitely made a big difference in both ride and handling. Tires stay planted on rougher road surfaces and when crossing railroad tracks, for example, the tires barely lift of the road surface, if at all. The factory coilovers literally allowed the Slingshot to fly thru the air when crossing RR tracks.

    Went and got my Slingshot back from the dealer. The warped rear rotor and front seal on the angle drive ere replaced. Unfortunately, the brake sensors are back ordered. Once they come in, the mechanic will be checking the seal again just in case. Unfortunately, nothing else was done to the rear drive, but replacing the warped rotor seems to have cured the clicking noise I was hearing.

    'iNewton', Thanks for the feedback about the turbo application. Haven't made a decision about forced induction and knew I wasn't thrilled about having to drill the pan and all the PITA associated with that. Fortunately, I'm in no great hurry while I try to get the funds needed together.

    @iNewton, If you're just looking for the adapter that replaces the oil filter cap, I found it on EBay for around $150. It's listed as CBM-10813 Ecotec 2.2L 2.4L L61 LE5 remote oil filter adapter cooler billet USA.
    I'm wondering if this could be used to provide oil to a turbo w/o drilling any holes or removing the oil pan.

    A month or two after purchase, my 2015 Base made a god-awful scraping/chirping noise in the rear-end. I was backing out of my driveway and my neighbor across the street heard it too. Neither of us found anything and it never made that noise again.
    At one time, my Slingshot's rear-end was making the same clicking sound heard in the video, but that is also the sound my mechanic attributes to the warped rear rotor.
    With any luck, I'll get my Slingshot back today or Thursday, once I can get the Wife to give me a ride to the dealer (100 miles).

    Using my 2015 Base wheels, I have a Sumitomo HTR Z III 295/30R18 on the rear. BIG improvement over the Kenda on damp roads. I now have around 22K miles and got the Sumitomo around 21K. Will install Sumitomo HTR Z III 225/45R17's on the front once the original Kendas wear down some more. The front Kendas have never really been a problem.

    Can anyone post pictures and instructions on how you installed the supports and where you connected them....

    There is info at the beginning of this post. Sure the future will provide other very effective solutions and alternatives.

    The pics pretty much show it all. The hardest part is figuring out where to drill the holes in the hood mechanism. Here is a link tot he original posting over there and it has some good pics, too - Putting shocks on Hood really helps opening. Just finished | Polaris Slingshot Forum

    Well, I still don't have my Slingshot back from the dealer. They are trying to get a timeline on the brake sensors as Polaris apparently has no idea when they will be available.
    I too, had a clicking noise coming from the rear of my Slingshot and feared it was the bearing, but my mechanic swears I had a warped rotor and replaced that. Hopefully, I'll find everything silent or whatever passes as normal according to Polaris, when I pick it up Wednesday.

    Depending on the dealer, the mechanic may or may not be willing to install something like the gas cylinder struts for a fee, provided he has some instructions or is willing to take the time to figure it out. Some dealers are willing to install a non-factory turbo kit while others won't touch something like that.

    I am currently experiencing sever Slingshot withdrawal pains since my Slingshot has been at the dealer since last Wednesday to have a leaking front angle seal and a warped rear brake rotor replaced. The service rep told me they also wanted to replace either the right rear seal or, hopefully, the troublesome bearing since they were going to have the rear torn apart anyway. The mechanic originally felt I had a warped rear rotor that was causing the clicking noise and showed me how it was making the noise. Unfortunately, I can't remember which of the two (seal or bearing) he was referring to. Hopefully, I'll get it back tomorrow afternoon.

    Having grown up around guns and being an owner of several myself, I can agree with many of your points, but I see nothing in the Constitution that says armed opposition to the government is allowed. We already experienced a senseless loss of a significant portion of the USA's young men in the Civil War.
    The Constitution establishes a way for the people to vote and change how government works. While people may disagree with certain portions of what the government does, violence is not recognized as a legitimate means of change. Generally speaking, when a small minority seeks to use violence to force change on everyone else, we call that terrorism.
    The 2nd Amendment specifically refers to a well-regulated militia, although exactly what that means is till open to debate. There is a long history of gun-regulations in the US, especially in the West where many towns required guns, usually handguns, to be turned in to the Sheriff. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, the targets of those rules were often minorities, either explicitly singled out or through lax enforcement, since people who are like those in power were far more likely to receive favorable treatment.

    The Orlando shooter may well have claimed allegiance to ISIS to divert attention from his preferences in attending the club. All too often, some of the biggest homophobes are closeted and conflicted about their own behavior/feelings.

    The strength of the USA has been its large population and resources base. The UK is considered the World's 5th largest economy and was the EU's second largest. I imagine they will be able to maintain trade with the EU, but I don't think it will be the same favorable treatment the UK has received up to now. Additionally, the fact that Scotland and Northern Ireland both voted to remain in the EU has already prompted calls for a re-vote of the failed 2014 Scottish independence referendum as well as calls for Northern Ireland to leave the UK to stay in the EU. The end result of the BREXIT vote could be the diminution of the UK into England & Wales.
    Additionally, the vote appears to have been driven along age lines in that younger voters wanted to stay in the EU and older voters seemed to long for days past and an Independent UK. Under the Lisbon Treaty, unlike the US Constitution, EU member states have the stated right to remain or stay in the EU and have roughly two years to work out the details of how they exit and future relations with the EU. Given the age difference in support for Leaving the EU, I wouldn't be all that surprised to see a re-vote on EU membership somewhere down the line.
    There was a pro-leaving Conservative MP on the BBC who was assuring people that there would be minimal problems even though the BBC commentators were talking about how quickly the British Pound seemed to be affected by the unexpected Leave outcome. She also maintained that David Cameron would remain Prime Minister and lead the UK thru its exit negotiations, even though he had opposed leaving the EU.
    Things will be interesting for the next few years.

    Brother I'm sure the Alfa brackets work great really not complicated to install. There are several very good post on the front and rear hood ajustments, someone to help you will be great also I just happen to have tooooooo muuuuuucccccch time on my hands!

    It's funny, but since I retired I can't seem to get anywhere near as much done compared to when I was working!