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    You should be fine. As a general rule, the Black or Negative wire should have a copper colored wire inside or a striped/ridged surface on its insulation. The Positive wire is typical silver in color and lacks a striped/ridged surface on its insulation.
    Consistency is the key. If you get a muddled sound, that typically indicates a switched wire.

    My dealer 120 miles and I get up early (my usual time) and pulling in the service bay as he opens at 8:00am...

    Sounds like you get up around the time I normally go to sleep! I get in bed around 0200-0300 and read until around 0400 before trying top go to sleep. My Wife may read until even later and then gets up after me. By the time we get up and go eat and get back, I only have a few hours before I worry about noises disturbing the neighbors.

    My dealer is over 100 miles from my house. If I need to be at my dealer's early in the morning, I sometimes stay at a hotel that shares a parking lot with a bar/nightclub. Having the Slingshot covered seems to have helped me avoid problems from inquisitive folks whose decision-making facilities might be a little challenged!

    Don't know what their service rep is with Slingshots, but I liked Unionville Kawasaki/Suzuki when I was on two wheels and went there to buy my 2008 Suzuki V-Strom 650 and for service. They now sell Slingshots, too. I always enjoyed the ride there and various routes back (especially when the routes varied west towards the Blue Ridge mountain and Shenandoah Valley roads).
    I'm finally scheduled to have East Texas Power Sports in Lufkin, TX replace my swing-arm this week (jury duty allowing) and then I have my Hahn turbo install to look forward to! I'm slowly getting my music system adjusted. looks like I'll replace the Boss MC900B Bluetooth amp as it just doesn't have enough power for an open cockpit installation, so I plan on installing my Clarion XC2410 amp after all. I've also learned I want some way of controlling both Balance and Fade across the four speakers, so I need to explore either a better Bluetooth setup or installing a head unit.

    I miss the NoVA roads, like 688 off I66 down to 29/211 west of Warrenton. I also miss 619 from Independent Hill to Triangle. 218 from Falmouth to 301 and then up to Maryland to La Plata and 6 West to 224 to 225 to Indian Head Hwy up to 495 back over to NoVA. Most Texas roads around Houston are too flat and too straight. I need to ride about 40 miles away to get to some fun roads. I also miss riding from the Front Royal area over to West Virginia and down to the Green Bank Radio Observatory and back over to the Harrisburg area.
    While I was stationed in West Berlin in the 1970s, I had a 1971 Fiat 850 Sport Coupe that was a ton of fun while getting decent mileage. At least it was fun until I blew up the engine! We shoehorned 6 people into it after a party once to get everyone home! I followed it up with my first new car, a 1976 Pontiac Trans Am 400 White w/red interior (unfortunately, I didn't order the Firebird decal). Mileage wasn't that great and neither was acceleration since it had a 2.41 rear-end, but it would cruise the Autobahn all day at 100 mph/3000 rpm! I should have sold it before we came back to the States as the German price was almost 2x what I paid for it thru the PX ordering service. I traded that in on a 1976 Ford Granada with the 351 V8 and four wheel disc brakes which I think was a test bed for the later 1977 Lincoln Versailles. I got a 1981 Toyota Corolla SR-5 Hardtop after that but then ended up with several minivans for kid's activities.
    One of the things I like about the Slingshot is the 2.4L power, but I'm disappointed that it doesn't do better on the highway. The guy who just put in a high-revving Honda motor should be getting both performance and mileage, although the tendency to enjoy the performance does negatively impact mileage. It is possible to have fun performance and mileage, just look at the Mustang, Camaro or Corvette highway mileage with engines around twice the size of the Slingshot's. With the Slingshot's light weight and overall fun/performance numbers, I'd be happy if the Slingshot had highway mileage closer to 30.

    I am one of the morons you all have been referring to. I enjoy driving my Slingshot and try to get in 3 local rides per week. That's how I've gotten almost 33000 miles in 21 months. While I find my Slingshot to be a sh..load of fun, I have never been happy with the mileage. After getting used to 50-60 mpg on my motorcycles, I was expecting slightly better mileage than the mid-to-high 20s I've seen, especially given the Slingshot's low weight compared to most cars that had the same motor.
    Part of manufacturing and sales success is providing the customer what he/she wants. If we demand better mileage while also demanding increased performance, we'll eventually get it. Or at least we would if Polaris were a normal manufacturer who actually gives a sh.. about their customers beyond grabbing their money in the first place. I say this based on Polaris past performance and how they responded so well to early Victory supporters with their complaints (they DIDN"T). Of course, Polaris has now abandoned Victory completely! Polaris' casual attitude toward the right angle drive noise and proposed solution (from their 2015 survey) of considering selling a quieter drive system at our expense reinforces my opinion as to how much Polaris values us as customers beyond our initial purchase.

    IF I can consistently drive around 40 mph, then I can get around 33, maybe even 35 mpg, but who the hell can do that for more than a few seconds/minutes!

    The first 6 months or so of ownership, I got between 28 - 30 mpg (probably closer to 28). I then added a Twist Dynamics Top, the DDM Works Short Shifter and a Hahn CAI. My mileage immediately dropped to around 26-26.5 mpg. I can't wait to see what happens when I install my Hahn turbo!

    OK, I know it's a old thread, but I want to buy a CAI. I want a Hahn but can't find one, is Alpha a pain to put in? Don't forget, I have no skills. :/

    IF Polaris ever sends my replacement swing-arm to my dealer, I'll be replacing my Hahn CAI with a Hahn Stage 2 turbo and will then offer the used Hahn for sale, probably at around half what I paid for it. As of earlier today, my dealer says not to expect anything from Polaris before the end of the month, probably later than that.
    I don't know how the Alpha impacts airflow, but I know the Hahn has a definite kick starting around 3500 rpm or so. You can certainly feel it kick in!
    Unfortunately, I have no idea how long Polaris is going to take to deliver my titanium swing-arm.
    Here's the CS video showing the Hahn CAI install -

    Here is a picture of my Hahn CAI in its current install. I replaced the hard rubber molding around the top of the airbox, but still have the original rubber molding in 3 pieces.

    If anyone is interested in my Hahn CAI, once I've removed it, PM me.

    My interest in running a Water/Methanol injection system is simply as a means of minimizing the chances of running lean. A few hundred spent on the injection system might prove to be cheap insurance against engine damage. I don't plan on pushing boost beyond basic system design of my Hahn Stage 2 system.

    As I mention in my pdf on Insulating the Cubby Area, there are 2 push pins securing the dash that are located immediately under the 2 inner switch positions. after removing the 8 T40 fasteners, removing these 2 push pins and the wires connecting the switches will allow you to remove the dash for easy access to the starter switch.

    While as a child, I would love to smell/sniff the leaded gas exhaust whenever the milk delivery truck came by, I'd have to recommend opening the garage door!

    I'm not near my Slingshot at the moment, so this is from memory. Check this thread on disassembling the dash - Insulating the Infotainment Cubby Area From Engine Compartment Heat. Taking the dash apart gives the easiest access, but you should also be able to access the switch thru the Infotainment cubby opening.
    I just checked my pdf instructions and the switch isn't pictured very well. Here is a picture from the parts diagrams -

    The switch should pop out just like the other switches, but be careful as it costs around $50 to replace it! In my opinion, removing the dash and disconnecting the wires should make it easier to access the starter switch for removal/modification, but it can be accessed from the cockpit thru the cubby opening.

    Tire size and availability both depend on which model and wheel size you have. For the Base Slingshot, the largest tire that will fit on the stock wheels is 295/30R18. If you want an inexpensive tire, check out the Nankang NS-20 from Discount Tire Direct. It comes in a 275/35R18 size which will mean you're doing around 66 mph at an indicated 65. If you want the widest tire solution at the cheapest total cost, check out the American Muscle 10th Anniversary Cobra Style 17 x 10.5 wheel and a Nitto 555 G2 315/35R17 tire. It's dimensionally almost exactly the same as the stock 265/35R18 tire, so the speedo is still reasonably accurate. The only drawback is the wqheel is only a +28 offset, so the wheel/tire is starts at almost the same position on the right as the stock tire, but it extends almost 30mm to the left, meaning the wheel/tire will be slightly off-center. Didn't bother me and I got my wheel from American Muscle for $149.99 shipped an the tire from DiscountTireDirect for just over $240 with pro-rated 3-year road hazard coverage or just over $200 w/o the warranty.
    I posted about looking for a 17" wheel in this thread - Wheel/Tire question for Base Slingshot. I got a little over 10K miles on each of my first two Kenda Base tires (the factory and an aftermarket). I then tried a Sumitomo HTR Z III 295/30R18 and only got around 5K miles for my $270. I then got a Nankang NS-20 275/35R18 for around $120 installed thru DiscountTireDirect and installed by DiscountTire. I currently have around 5-6K miles on the Nankang. Looking forward to using the Nitto once I wear down the Nankang.
    Most folks seem to look for larger wheels/tires. I wanted the largest tire at a decent cost, so I went with a smaller wheel and bigger tire.

    Thanks for the update. I know Snow performance says to only buy from authorized vendors, and one of the complaints I read on Amazon was that Snow declined someone's warranty because they purchased it thru Amazon.