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    Not that I'm aware of. The only relatively affordable fender ($149.95 with a mud guard, plus shipping) I'm aware of is from Rivco - PSS105 – Rear fender for Polaris Slingshot – Polaris Slingshot – Shop by Motorcycle. It's designed to reduce rooster-tails off the rear tire and help keep the Slingshot deck cleaner. I've had mine almost 2 years now. Some folks don't like it because they want a hugger-style fender, but it's functional and works.

    I've thought about buying a large trashcan with straight sides that could be used as the basis for a fender, but haven't found one that isn't tapered.

    I thought I had already responded to this thread, but I don't see my post.
    I suspect a short in either the radio or gauge wiring.
    The Slingmods aftermarket radio power harness i used ti power my aftermarket radio comes with this warning - You will need to remove the 25 amp stereo fuse and the 5 amp gauge fuse from your factory fusebox before attempting to install your aftermarket power harness. If you do not, you risk shorting the 2 wires together and blowing the factory fuses. You may also disconnect your battery if you find that to be more convenient.
    This leads me to suspect a short in one or both of your circuits. I can't think of anything associated with the recall work that might have affected this, so I'd check your radio wiring first.

    I just realized that the Nitto website didn't include any 22" tires. Here is a link to tires from Budnik - Helpful Tire Info | BUDNIK and it shows the largest tire for a 22 x 10 wheel is a 305/40 or 45. This is a rather tall tire and will probably screw up your speedo and odometer readings, but the bigger sidewall should provide a better ride.

    Our locking caps are supposed to be back from machine work in time for Maggie Valley. We will have a couple hundred of them there for average joe's ;) We will be offering them in black and silver, with a chance of some powdercoated red making it to the event also. Price will be $39 for the caps from us.

    Won't be able to make MV. How soon do you expect to ave these on your website?

    I ride almost exclusively at night. Hit an armadillo among other things, but hitting a bag of leaves that fell off a vehicle right after a rainstorm really bent the mounting bar. Almost missed it, but the outer lower wing hit the bag and I couldn't just bend it back into place using my arms. The 1/2" pipe will hopefully do the job. Parking blocks also do a number on the lower front wing, but I learned pretty quickly to try and avoid those!

    Nice post. I hadn't thought about the 1/2" pipe. I've been able to re-position the lower bar using my arms & hands, but this last time, I figured I was going to need to place a screw jack against the wheel to push the lower bar forward, but will try the pipe first.

    The officer was actually pretty considerate just giving you a warning.
    The problem with pulling over is asshats like that other driver may well take that as a display of interest on your part. Bill M is still probably offering the best advice, though.

    Well, if approved, I'm looking at something $3k or less...

    But I may not be able to trailer at all with the new wheels... Will have to measure the width once they're on...

    What width is the trailer going to hold @Slingrazor?

    Big Tex Trailers offers the 60CH and 70CH series dual-axle autohaulers. The 16' 60CH is available in the Houston area from around $2K. They also make a 14' model, but I haven't seen a local price, although I'd assume it would be a little cheaper. Both models lack the drop-tail and since it's a higher deck (19") as a result, need longer ramps. The 60CH-14 weighs just over 1400 lbs and the 16' weighs 1460 lbs. The Discount Ramps calculator says a 19" high trailer requires about a 9.5ft ramp. I attached the 60CH brochure.


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    Sorry, but AFAIK, the extended warranty needs to be purchased while the vehicle is still under warranty. My angle drive had been leaking since last Fall, but it finally got repaired when I had the swing-arm recall in March. My warranty expires in June or July. I'm getting ready to install my Hahn turbo and worry that any drive-train-related problems might be excluded from coverage. My main concern is the new rear axle and the angle drive durability.

    Question for 'Dave@DDMWorks', Will your Double Nut Cover have the recess for the outer nut and lockscrews for the inner nut to secure everything in place like this pic?

    If so, I plan on getting one once they're available.

    It looks to be a kneepad. I know if I kneel down, my knees start hurting pretty quickly. I always try to use at least a piece of cardboard or, better yet, some sort of rolled towel or other padding for my knees to rest on.