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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Just my two cents worth - there are clearances way above top secret, but yes the prez really doesn't get vetted the way others do. And as a side note, the director of the cia or nsa, can't remember which, lost his security clearance, but is still the director. He just can't attend some meetings nor be briefed on them.

    I have NEVER seen a list of clearances that could make a soldier getting "Top Secret" clearance feel like he gets to know if they use brown or cane sugar in the Mess Hall oatmeal, when he should feel like he's gonna find out all of Area 51's secrets. Nope, never. ;) Therefore you, sir, don't have a clue what your talking about. :D

    Looking forward to seeing it @mytoy .

    The complete "9pc Rally Graphic" kit took my wife and I , 2 1/2 hrs. It is a lot thinner than the AMR graphics but has a heavy backing that allows you to squeegee the bubbles out without fear of hurting the vinyl. You don't get any bubbles that don't squeeze out, though I did get a couple small wrinkles that I couldn't get out. You will want a helper to install these and I highly recommend a wet application. They do look great once done!!!

    Thank you @robert.piner , the color is a better match than I anticipated. It also does the bronze--brown--black appearance depending on viewing angle just like my roll bars.

    Has anyone bought and used the graphic kits offered on Slingmods? Was wondering if I should get one or just go a professional and have them do their own vinyl?

    Are you talking about the AMR graphics? I had them , they are great. Thick and easy to apply. They do take almost 8 hrs to put on when being careful. They are the thick graphics you put on atv's and waverunners. You can't help but get a couple bubbles, but most lay down after a day or so. Much more durable than standard 3M graphics.

    If you are talking about the rally stripes, Mine should be at my house when I get home. I can review those for you later in the week. ;)

    So I've had my SS for just over a week. Almost 800 miles so far. I can't say enough about Slingmods service. I have already ordered, received and installed the Alpha transmission dust cover and center windshield bracket, a ram mount for my phone, garage door opener, and the visor over the infotainment unit. Short shifter and adapter will be here tomorrow. Problem is now I have a new and growing list. :thumbsup:

    Your list shows that we are all unique in our own ways. I am heavily into modding my second Sling and the only thing on your list of "have or on its way" that I have/had is the trans. dust cover. :) Keep the mods coming my friend.

    I just watched that. I would think bad casting also. Look at the dark spot , upper right. Luckily the driver was fine. He's a member on the dark side.

    DITTO.....I have JRI one way adjustable and they are great and the best mod for driver and passanger. I am a "set it and forget it" guy, so they are perfect. The beauty of them is that should you feel you would like them stiffer or softer than they come, @Turbosling will have them adjusted for you(for a small fee). You can go to a local shock place and have them adjusted also. I found them to be perfect as they can feel too soft or stiff on different roads, usually...just right, especially at SSITS.

    Better tires make the second best mod, though so close to shocks in improving handling and comfort, it could be a tie.

    @MBMedic I did the CAI first and didn't notice much of a performance change. After adding the Alpha Header to the CAI I noticed I nice increase. Then I did an exhaust and again a nice bump.

    Could you do me a favor and go header first? I'm wondering if that may be the best bang. If you notice a nice bump with the Header alone, that would tell me that the stock manifold is the most restrictive stock item. As for getting the time first, I think you should wait until you are done with the CAI, header and exhaust. If you do the time first you will notice a difference, but will have to get a reflash after you add the other things to get the best performance.