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    Thank You for all your responses. I think for now I am going to hold off on the seats until I can get my self to an event and try out different types and see what I like best. Then I can take that money and purchase a new F4 +5 tinted windshield with baker air-wings and a custom graphic wind restrictor for roughly the same price as PRP gen 2 seats.

    Ok I own a 2017 base model. I was looking for the easiest plug and play reverse cam I could Find. So I noticed behind my dash had the wiring for the cam and also found the plug in the rear for the OEM cam. So I went and purchased the OEM cam with mount and plugged it in. Then purchased this from Slingmods…ess-aftermarket-head-unit I installed the slingmods harness and plugged it into my Pioneer head unit and got nothing. I installed exactly the way the video shows and still did not work. I called slingmods and they said 1 other person had this problem with the base model but they know of no other issues. Slingmods would have been more then happy to refund my money but I opted to leave it installed and try to get it to work. I am not to good with electrical stuff but was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on how to get it working.

    Looking for part # 5453305…p/parts#/s/POL//5453305/1 When you click add to cart it says "The selected item is currently unavailable". I been trying to get this piece for a few months now. I broke all the tabs on mine so the passenger side console piece will not lock in by the seat. the upper part on the dash next to radio is good. I broke the 4 tabs that run along the lower section of the center console. Most people don't even notice but I do so it really bothers me. I have tried 2 sided tape and even Velcro to hold it in place but the glue keeps coming undone from the heat I believe. Anyway there are a few online SS stores that will allow you to order the part but when I call them they tell me the part is not in stock and have to order from Polaris. And as you see with the link above Polaris does not have any to sell. Anyone have any ideas how I can get my hands on a new Console center RH Textured piece?

    Ran across this construction sign today. Never seen one before. Needless to say, i don't recommend driving your SS down roads that have this warning. Soon after I pass the sign portions of the road is gravel and oil... on coming truck sprayed us with gravel wife took a rock to the ear and the rear was all over the place. Slowed down to about 35 mph and the rear was still very squirmy. Being I never seen this sign before I figured it was a weird ad for some type of food lol. Not fun to drive on roads like this.

    OK i think i am going to pull the trigger on one of these. My next question is how do I design my own graphic for it? I looking to do a NY Yankees theme put the NY symbol behind each seat Yankees in script across the top and in the middle the staduim I just have no clue on how to go about making it lol.

    It isn't. Its a 10 gallon tank, right, I'm getting somewhere around 22-25 mpg, but when I run it down to 35 MTE and the display starts blinking "low fuel," if I run it another 20 miles or so, I should be down under a gallon left, and be able to fill it by 9 gal or a bit more. I've never been able to put more than 8 in it. I've kinda given up on the MTE counter.

    I believe that is by design though so you don't run out of fuel. I think they purposely have your gauge register empty to give you a 1 gallon buffer to refuel cause people love to push the limits before fueling up. I know this is true in my car as my car has a 17.5 gallon tank but even on E I have never been able to fuel up more then 16 gallons.

    MTE on the speedo display registers 290 MTE when I fill up. Drove 100 miles today and MTE only dropped to 248. How accurate do you guys think the MTE is in our SS's? I am running stock everything.

    My wife and I just rode that area last Sunday, Started from home, near Valley Forge, east to route 32, North on 32 and 611 to 940, west to 309 to 209 to 61and south toward home. We get up that way several times a year. Where are you located. Maybe we can plan a meet up and ride.

    i am fairly close to the Wawa on the corner of 940 and 115. Just looking for the opportunity to meet some other SS Owners and see how their Sling differs from mine and of course some company for a nice ride with the wife and I. 4th of July took a ride with a biker up to Lake Wallenpaupack and had lunch at a place called the Dock. The attention my SS brought was unreal. The biker was like wtf do you get everywhere you go and I was like yup lol. Anyway JP next time you in the area give a shout and maybe we could plan something.

    I love mine, it helps with the wind and exhaust. I have rear speakers, side, and front and it works well. The only wind I get is from the side, like a window down in a car. What do you want to know?

    What I want to know is does it serve a purpose or is it strictly for looks? seems like it might add some drag, I can deal with some drag if it improves cabin noise so I can enjoy my tunes even more.

    Edit: Well seems Doc was has answered my question... must have been posting same time as I. Thanks Doc!…d-illuminated?search=wind

    Sling mods running a sale right now on Wind Restrictor get $80.00 with code wind80. I was thinking of pulling the trigger but wondering if these are more for bling or functionality? I am running 4 speaker set up with 2 side seat speakers and 2 rear deck hump speakers. Currently they sound good but if this wind restrictor will help reduce cabin noise I may pull the trigger. So any feedback from people who have these installed would be a help.