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    ok so potential issues aside. Does the dealer usually have a flat bed? You get your own? You pay for it when it's warranty?

    Does AAA do this?

    If it is warranty work and this warranty repair is preventing you to drive it to the dealer Polaris will pay to have it towed to the dealer. Polaris covered mine. Just keep in mind the tow truck driver may ask for payment (mine did) I laughed and told him bill my dealer and he did.

    I do alot of highway driving (commuting to work) 100 miles round trip a day. I pretty much just cruise not into going to track or doing burnouts. Would I be better of with all season tires with a higher UTQG rating vs Summer tires?

    I would definitely want both tunnel sides. IMO the bare plastic on both tunnel side is the ugliest part in the interior and gets super dirty fast!

    The 3-way adjustable shocks at $899 are also an excellent value if you want the extra features.

    I am a set it and forget it type of guy. So I will set these for cruising and never touch again. I just pulled the trigger on group buy....hopefully the group buy fills fast so I can get them installed and try them out before the season ends!

    hmmm was going to buy Bilstein one way adjustable shocks for over a grand..... but now this group buy looks really appealing. For $350 more are the Bilstein's worth it over the Hahn QA1's?

    Just wanted to share my experience and give a short review on the new head unit I purchased. First little background, I originally had a Pioneer 4800 installed in my SS. The Pioneer was a very good head unit but I purchased the OEM cam and slingmods oem cam harness for after market radios and could never get the OEM cam to work. Then the new Scosche wireharness came out (…on-scosche?search=scosche ). So I called Slingmods and asked them if the scosche wire harness would work for my cam. The Slingmods rep mentioned they have had several reports with the OEM cam not working with Pioneer Head units but offered to send me the Scosche wireharness for free to try out. I installed this new Harness with my Pioneer head unit and still the BU cam did not work.

    I then went out and purchased a new Kenwood head unit (…=8-4&keywords=kenwood+ddx ). Installed the head unit using the Scosche harness and sure enough the back up cam worked flawlessly.

    Kenwood DDX773BH Key Points:
    1) Setting the unit to black background makes for easier viewing in direct sun.
    2) You have the ability to hook a front and rear cam into this head unit
    3) Many different ways to customize the display with backgrounds and different light colors
    4) Can completely customize the EQ settings
    5) You have the ability to turn the camera on at any time while driving with just hitting the camera button in settings (this can double as a rear view mirror). While camera is on your music still plays.
    6) You have the ability to turn the reverse parking grid lines on or off in settings.
    7) You have the ability to turn on/off the reverse interruption. IE if you put the SS in reverse with the reverse interruption on the display with show the back up cam regardless of what is displayed prior to going into reverse. With the camera reverse interruption off you have to manually turn the cam on in settings to view the cam (I run with the reverse interruption on).

    I hope this review will help others in the future who are trying to integrate an OEM cam with an aftermarket head unit. I know if there was a review like this when I was looking to purchase a head unit it would have saved me a lot of time and money for that matter.

    I have a Kenwood head unit, 400 Watt Rockford fosgate marine amp, (4) 6.5 Kicker speakers. 2 speakers are mounted with…de-speaker-pods?vehicle=0 and the other 2 are mounted with…-pods-ssv-works?vehicle=0. With this set up Traveling 85 MPH down freeway I can hear with ease and I dont even turn it up all the way. Speaker location is very important. the rear deck pods are imo best location for speakers.

    well have a Pioneer head unit and sling mods told me they have had several reports with the older oem cam wireharness (which I have) and could never get working in my pioneer. When the scosche harness came out i called them and explained to them the $60 harness i purchased a few months ago never worked so Slingmods being the best company ever sent me a free scosche to try in my pioneer. Tomorrow I will install and see if it works.... if that fails, I also purchased a brand new Kenwood head unit that i will install and put slingmods theory to the test and see if it is a Pioneer issue or not.

    Thanks EJ....I currently have mine installed level with the top. I have not drove it yet to test out but will drive as they are currently, then I will drop to 4 inches and see what is better.

    Try the Baker 'Air Wings' with the F4 5+ ... I also made some simple wind deflectors that tuck under the hood at the windshield and on the side of the
    "door" area which give me added cold weather riding.

    OK OK you twisted my arm enough I will buy the baker air wings .......just ordered them should be here in a few days!