2020 Paddle Shift Kit

  • Well I am debating on having my dealer install the paddle shifter but at $140 a hour labor maybe not if it might take 4 hours. I have a great dealer here in NE Florida, HoleShot PowerSports but sure don't want to be their first install. I could screw up a one car funeral so don't mind paying them a little labor. Don

  • Took the sling home today and drove it in manual mode the entire way. Paddle shifters are like night and day to the standard autodrive mode (pre update). Shifts up and down smoothly, no jerking in low speeds like before. If you have autodrive, just do it.

    Labor charge was for 2 hours.

    They couldn't get the hill hold calibration to work. Apparently when they hooked it up to my unit, it wouldn't register properly with it. They have a ticket in to Polaris for a solution with no response yet, and they will contact me once they figure it out and i'll bring it back in.

    I'll be taking it back out on the road shortly to see how the new autodrive transmission update is (regular D mode) since I'm sure that was included with the paddleshifter calibration, but still, get the paddle shifters.

  • The software fix for mine shifting into neutral on it's own made a new machine out of mine. My 500 mile is Friday I will see about the shifters. I say 500 I now have 700 because 500 happened during the Christmas holidays and its been three weeks to get this appointment. I drive her every day and it adds up fast. Don