Spray tint anyone?

  • Generally bad idea. Maybe it's gotten better over the years, but the spray stuff was always a problem to get a good even coat without problems. And on the windshield would just make it worse.

    Check around - I know many people sell used windshields and Madstad even sells replacement shields separately.

  • I had them done professionally and they did not turn out as clear as I would like. The contours of the windshields made it hard to get a clear view but you could see through them. I was happy that I was able to see over them. However, they did look good. I do not use them anymore as I have the F4 tinted windshield. If you want to buy these from me, I will make you a good deal as I still believe I have them stored.

  • I know of a guy who painted his Slingshot windshield black - - I must admit that it looks kind a cool and I guess it works okay so long as you always look over the windshield

    Normally I look over my dual windshields, but when it rains I like to be able to slide down and look through the windshield for maximum rain blockage

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  • I have a dual windshield for my Sling and it's clear. I thought of using a spray tint to darken it. Good idea or bad idea?

    My thought would be for you to sit behind the different (ride/drive) the different shields and see what is comfortable for you? Do you like to look over or thru? One small change will make others needed or wanted. I have the F4 Custom Windshield tinted 5+. And have one on my Slingshot with 95,000 miles on it. Love it. But it blocks so much fresh air/wind that you NEED to add Baker 'Air Wings' to make things comfortable.