Flashing headlights

  • We'll have my first real issue today. Noticed a reflection of my headlights in the car in front of me at a red light. They were flashing on and off randomly. When we got home and could get out and look it was the center lights flashing and not the outboard lights.
    Remembered reading about this issue on the dark side and if I remember right it was the relay overheating and replacing it seemed to fix the issue. Don't recall anyone saying it was just the center lights tho.
    I'm having my dealer install the "airflow management kit Friday and they said they would check the light issue also and go ahead and replace the relay at the same time.
    I'll try and report back here the results as to the fix. Maybe this will help someone in the future if they have the same issue.

  • Before I had the Headlight Recall fix, whne I was running HIDs and sometimes when i switched to LEDs, my Center lights would sometimes go off if I was going over 60 and then come back on once I slowed to about 40 as long as I didn't exceed 60 again. The odd thing was, the outer headlights would stay on, even though all four lights were then on the same circuit. I finally moved the outer headlights to the Fog Light circuit so I would always have a backup. The problem cleared up after I had the Headlight recall fix. Never could figure out why all four headlights never went out when the Centers did.

  • Update:
    Took my SS in this morning to have the airflow management kit installed and have the headlights checked.
    1. The suggested time from Polaris to install the airflow kit was 2 hours ... 5 1/2 hours later they had that part finished LOL .... Said they would know better next time :)

    2. On the headlights they said the relay/breaker was loose in the fuse box. They replaced the relay and the new one was fitting loose also. They are continuing to talk to Polaris about it and said when they had answers they would call me. Said if it took replacing the whole wiring harness to get the issue resolved that's what they would do.

    I've really had excellent service from my dealer and have no doubt they will do whatever it takes. Everything is holding fine now

  • Most dealers charging actual time for heat kit install. Not just 2 hours. Nice you got lucky

    yea my dealer has been awesome .... However I don't think the next guy will get by with the 2 hour charge. I was the first they had done. I did try and tell them that from what I had read that 2 hours wasn't long enough.

  • I have the center on HIDs, I also had the recall done (had taking care of it on my own months before with OEM relay) but....my point is I installed a headlight switch to aliviate my HIDs ballast heat by turning the headlights off when not needed extending ballast and HIDs life.