Slingshots in the Smokies 2017.May30th-Jun 4th.

  • Yes I am ok. Just a bit shaken up. Felicia said the front of the sling was about 6 inches from the rail when I was sideways. I have never turned a wheel side to side so fast in all my life.

    Glad you are ok and the Sling is good too.. You haven't driven with me in the turns I turn the wheel side to side that fast :thumbsup:

  • I had an awesome time seeing all the OG's and some new faces. It was a different experience this year helping out with the event, I did a little bit of everything. I want to thank @ivor for reaching out to me and asking me to help out with the event. I met a few more people I would not have met if I wasn't around the fairgrounds as much. I sold some tickets for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and had people I already knew as well as some new faces to chat with.. many of you asking questions and giving compliments on how the SSITS event was this year. It was much smoother and larger than last year, although I did miss @Noel Hughes.. I hope you come next year for sure! With the input and feedback we received it will help make the next one even better! I want to thank @rabtech for stepping up and bringing all the OG's over from the place we no longer speak the name of haha.. We all need to realize that not one person was responsible for the turnout but it was the work of many. The great people that all joined forces is the best community ( Family ) I have had the pleasure of being a part of! I feel their should be a meeting of the Vendors / Forum leaders / Event staff, to improve the synergy and make this FAMILY even better for next years SSITS!!!

    Even though I am most likely not going to be there I want to give a big shout out to @StickerDick for his Signs used all over for the event and Trophies that he made, they looked great!
    When you get your Honda S2000 tuned in I want to take it for a spin.. if all goes smooth and possibly a Kit comes out for it with a decent price I might go that route at a later date.. I out drive most of the boosted Slingshots in the twisties just imagine how crazy I will be after I get some more HP :rolleyes:

    Thanks to @kenny_h for lending me a hand as well as his tools for a quick install at the Comfort Inn parking lot.. I noticed he helped a few others as well :thumbsup:

    Thank you @Turbosling for my Blue Swaybar which allowed me to leave my 2way JRI suspension softer and still hook those corners, what a difference! (Waiting to see how your end links come out after they pass testing)

    Thank you @mniron for installing my Blue hood pins so I do not fly away!

    I am glad that @Uglyrider954 made it down from my neck of the woods on the plane.. His slingshot wasn't ready but @jluna317 brought down Eric's sick BMW 1000RR in the trailer. Jose had to pull an engine for the first 2 days to work on his clutch.. crazy.. then Jose blew off some coolant hoses and was stuck in HotSprings.. @Dave@DDMWorks gave me the parts I needed to help him and off I went for a nice 1hr15min (gps estimation) ripping down the Rattler to save him.
    Cop showed up about 25-30mins later and was like "Soo just want to let you guys know there was some reports of a fast grey bike and a red sport bike flying down the road."
    (we were like oh crap) Then I said "well we have been here for about 30mins".
    Cop said "well the call came in 15mins ago.."
    "I came all the way from Maggie Valley about 1hr15mins to bring him parts he has been broken down for almost a couple hours."
    "These things are pretty cool, they look like fun are they fast?"
    "Well lets just say if you were chasing me you wouldn't catch me" (smiling as I am saying it looking at him, the reactions on my friend faces.. priceless..)
    "Oh I bet I bet, ok just be careful and drive slow"
    "Ok thanks have a good one" hahaha

    I left in the rain after having some Mexican food (you know to give me that extra boost for the ride) with the boys @Uglyrider954 took an Uber to the airport and @jluna317 trailered the bikes home.
    I headed to Charlotte NC to visit a friend before I went home.. on my way there the sky opened up on me and I hit standing water and the Slingshot get all squirrely on me my gauges lit up like a Christmas tree.. I had a 18 wheeler lay on his horn,thought he was going to hit me. I look up I see a SUV spin out in the high speed lane and was facing the wrong way.. I said Fthis and jumped off the exit right there to stop at a gas station and let it lighten up. I left a couple days later after hanging with my friend to head home a little later than I planned, apparently it was 47degrees one night and it had been raining for a few days.. so I made it home in about 12.5 hours driving 917 miles.

    Sorry I did not get to hang out with some of you this year it was nothing personal trust me!!

    Thank you all for the love <3 and hospitality that was given to me... ( You know who you are ) Hope to see you guys soon and you bet your ass I will be at SSITS next year!!!

  • Always good to see you brother.
    Glad you are home safe.

    I have some video to prove your statements about you driving skills!

    Stay safe, I hope we don't have to wait an entire year to see you again!

    Thanks man, glad the both of you made it home safely also! Cant wait to see the video!

    I would love to hang out with you guys in a more intimate setting... start building my room :D Tell the wife I said hello!

  • See then if not sooner!

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  • @BlackDeath It was very nice meeting you in MV (great job with staffing at the event BTW)! Hope to see you again soon... :thumbup:

    I can't believe I'm about to share this, it's so random confused-squared ... The following song reminds me of our ride back to the hotel (inspired by partly by your avatar ~> this was the moment right before getting swarmed by dark ominous clouds, to only then get pummeled by torrential rains):

    *yeah, I know... it's dark ~> but I thought of this song at that very moment (it just escaped me until now)... thinking about how we were hydroplaning, brought it all back!

  • @BlackDeath also known as Aaron glad you made it home safely.Thanks for all your help at SSITS.You should take up a career in either race car driving or raising money for charities.You sure did a good job helping with The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.
    Glad you enjoyed the event and look forward to next time.

  • lol can you say Boat Launch?! That rain was insane! Came down like a wall! Thank you for the compliment

    Aaron... you can drive my Ho :P;(:D8o8o8o nda slingshot after I go over the cliffs edge in Colorado!

    im going to man handle that Honda like you do a plate of food! lol
    Good luck in the Climb, be safe!

  • @BlackDeath - was glad to see ya but ya must be gettin old - my bride says you can't drink with her anymore... I can't say much though - @mytoy pulled out the schnapps and politely drank me under the table but was nice enough to tuck me in bed ;(

    And who believes that believes

    Do not resent growing old. Many are denied.... The Privilege :REDSS: :SUPERCHARGERSS: : :HEADERSS: : :COILOVERSS: Wycket hitch

  • @BlackDeath - was glad to see ya but ya must be gettin old - my bride says you can't drink with her anymore... I can't say much though - @mytoy pulled out the schnapps and politely drank me under the table but was nice enough to tuck me in bed ;(

    Sorry Bill I didn't have much time to hang out and ride this year. I did stop in for a little with the bride and MyToy and his wife..I forget the other names.. We had some vodka, apple pie moonshine and I had some schnapps as well

    Nothing like a good spankin ️ to put you to bed

  • This is the Maggie Valley 2017 thread... memories.

    Was digging through the computer for some misplaced video footage when I came across these files...

    Did some hack and slash editing of two video files and matched them up to one sound track...

    This is a group ride across the Dragon led by @slolane and I found myself behind that fabricated machine of @Shatneyman...

    Riding with me is my daughter...
    Her first, and most probably, last time on the Dragon.

    Let me stop everything and Work on Your Problem!