Everything on the 2nd Amendment

  • Agreed, however I notice you didn't mention prevalent and blatant left leaning (and trending far left) indoctrination in the public and advanced education system.

    President Trump is no longer in office and was only in there for 4 years. Systematic degradation of the moral structure in the US has been going on for much longer so at most he is a symptom, not a cause of the historically familiar path we are hurtling down. A path that has never lead anywhere but off a cliff.

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  • Maybe I don't see that yet as much as the older generation because I still see a pretty divided country, and I see it across age ranges... Which polls might allude otherwise, but who believes the polls!? tongue-squared

    I wonder if the view of the education system to right leaning individuals is similar to the view of law enforcement to left leaning individuals...

    While that image you shared, speaks of a government (or party) trying to change/control people, I feel that we are still in a position where o one needs to jump off the cliff yet.

    More religion and values.

    Less social media (or used for purposes of value, not "influencing nonsense" or eating tide pods, or thinking snow is fake, made by Bill Gates laugh-squared).

    But yes, some higher institutions (colleges and universities) definitely pander/encourage to the left leaning community and that can be sick-squared