Need help with Alpha adjustable exhaust install

  • It's a different muffler altogether.

    One of the things that brought Alpha down was the muffler supplier they where using for their custom setups (not the variable) would not stand behind their product when a large number started to fail as shown above, compounded by Henry farming out production work to keep up with demand rather than maintaining in house quality control.

    Alpha was one of the originators when the Slingshot was introduced. Henry jumped in with both feet and everyone else followed. A business can do a 100 things right and help 100 people but when it goes South that is all most remember. Unfortunately some bad decisions made what was a stellar reputation and pillar of the community sour really fast and he could have handled the end result better.

    So that is where some of the comments are coming from. Not defending the way it went down, just prefer to remember the early work he did and willingness to help.

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    :REDSS: The ghost of SLingshot past ......

  • I have said this before but his big heart and his willingness to give are some of the things that got him in trouble, being too helpful and too nice that can be detrimental when it comes to running a business.

    I mean no one else does things like free installs for locals on their products, bbq fridays or constantly organize local rides on saturdays, he wasn't just someone trying to make a buck on the slingshot(not that there is anything wrong with that) but instead a true slingshot enthusiast and one could argue that his lack of moderation when it come to the slingshot community and always wanting to do more than he should is what was his downfall.

    I know that many are unhappy about how alpha went out of business and the whole debacle of some people loosing money but to me Henry as a person is on a league of his own, he always put people over profit which is a bad way to run a business but makes for a great person/friend.

    Is not that I am mean, I just don't sugarcoat what I say.