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  • Let’s eat a four corse meal and go flying...

    Heck yeah.....just think of the money savings by eating it twice!!! YUMM...... 8o:thumbsup:

    Those who will give up essential liberty to secure a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety

    2016 Slingshot SL Vin# 8855 (born in September 2015) w/ Alpha Stage 2 Turbo @ 7.5psi

  • I am probably one of the few people that have made their self sick while flying.

    It was a beautiful summer day, just the kind you like when you fly small planes for fun. There were little white puffy clouds hanging here and there. You know, the one's that you like to take a hard steep downward turn and dive through. Oh yeah, your not supposed to do that! LOL

    I got up that morning and headed off to the local airport twenty miles away. When I got there I was in luck. My favorite plane to rent was there full of fuel and ready to go. It was a beautiful 4 seat gruman american. These are low wing planes and sporty to fly. Well as sporty as one can be at that HP level. The neatest thing about them is the fact that they don't have doors, at least not in the normal sense of the word. The have a "hatch" that slides back to allow entrance and egress like you would expect to see on a fighter jet. It's not a good idea to do a take off with the hatch open but once at altitude you can actually slide the hatch back and enjoy a convertible like ride. I couldn't tell you from experience but I have been told that if you take along some rolls of tissue paper once you reach a good altitude you can just crack the hatch open a few inches, head into a hard dive and while doing so start feeding the tissue paper through the crack. As soon as the paper runs out pull back hard on the elevator and do a back loop. As you are coming back to the downward vertical portion of the loop you can see the tissue streaming through the air and fly though it cutting it in half like you just won a race, so I was told!

    Anyway back to the getting sick part. I took off that morning without eating anything at all. I headed toward a small town to the South where I knew a few folks. One of the guys lived a little South of town and I thought I'd make some LOW passes over his place just to say Hi. I made several passes really low right across his place and each time I would pull up hard and make a steep bank and come back across again like a crop duster does as he is spraying the fields. I'd probably made 5 or so of these passes when all of a sudden I became very sick feeling. REALLY sick feeling! The thought of being sick at the controls was not comforting at all. I immediately headed the plane back toward the airport at a moderate climb rate and turned the so called "auto pilot" on, cracked the hatch back a few inches so that as I gained altitude I could take full advantage of the cooler air. The "auto pilot" was very limited in its' function. Actually all it did was keep the wings level but as long as you had the controls all trimmed out and a heading set it was helpful in a situation like this one. This was before the days of cell phones but I'm sure if I could have taken a selfie my complexion would have been totally green! IT was VERY close but I didn't upchuck at the controls thankfully. That was the last time I went flying on a completely empty stomach. Some lessons learned stick with you a life time.

    Tim "Ghost" Ganey
    Winfield, Alabama

  • Ask them if they know that their is a place on the web that actually has more info than they do.. Guaranteed we have a larger knowledge pool of their product than they ever could dream existed. Im sure they haven't shoved all the engines and transmissions and boosted configurations in a slingshot that we all have. We even have members that have completely reengineered their products. We have people that have fixed nearly every weak spot in each part that has failed. And we have taken apart every piece on the slingshot and studied it in detail.

    They need to just take a minute and register on the forum and give and get some useful feedback.

    All this crap called CLUB SLINGSHOT and ASK SLINGSHOT is just someone reading to a manager. Some higher up said " hey we need to be more hands on" . And some yuppie said "lets start a club and use Facebook to talk to everyone"

    You would think that ONE person that frequents this forum would have some connection to an upper management person for slingshot. And maybe they could get them to reach out to the me or anyone on the forum and try to work closer with us. All they have to do is give it a try... If it sucks for them then they can close their account and go on with their day,

    We gain 3 to 5 people a day. We have 2000 members that actually participate and care about the brand. And they don't even acknowledge it .....

    Im going to stop there....... You all know how I feel ...... I would love to work with them. They could reach a lot more people here than on Facebook for sure,

  • I bought my SS new 2 years and a month ago. I didn't get the extended warr because Polaris has ZERO mechanics within 100 miles of me that is anything more than a hack. I have two close friends that are mechanics, one of them has a Sling. My Sling turned 30,000 miles on the 4th. I am anal about maintenance. As for "Club Slingshot" or the group that they were contacting all owners about (they never contacted me, BTW) I'm not interested.

    This forum is "CLUB SLINGSHOT" and "ASK SLINGSHOT" to me. And it's all wrapped up in people that I consider to be not only friends, but also family. Why try to fix something that is working so well? I'd venture to say that even I know more about the Slingshot than their so called experts. And what I don't know much about (turbos, superchargers, automatics in the SS), I know who is here that I can ask that will know.