Garage lighting

  • I don't have to if you want to have adjustable lighting get a shop light. The adjustable light is so high it's not going to help to adjust for close up work. The corn light gives 360 lighting. How do you adjust your Lighting on your living room lamp? You don't. I'm not knocking the adjustable lighting but it is what it is it's not a shop light.

  • Granted my garage is pretty small, but these are seriously bright (6000 lumens) and you can adjust the "petals" to aim the light where you want it.

    LED Garage Lights, 60W E26/E27 6000LM Deformable Lamp

    I've gotten emails (usually from Chinese sellers) offering the fan blade/petals-type LED bulbs, but hadn't realized Amazon sold them, so I tried these lights - The offer is for a 4-pack at a pretty good cost compared to other LED lights I looked at. I placed 3 of them in the garage and the fourth one is in my closet. My Daughter hasn't been in the garage since I installed the new lights and I won't be surprised if she complains about too much light! I just hope they last.