Impeachment, let your Senator Know

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  • I have created a Poll that we can post our decisions as these trials go on. I have conditioned it that you can change your votes as evidence changes you views. Let's all wait till the trial begins and each day make a vote. We will see how things go with all our members in their votes. I am going to watch it all and vote and if feels change will change vote.

    We are living a historic moment in real life that will be view way in the future. Let's see if we can make this turn out they way the people want. VOTE! You can click on any questions that fits your preferences.

    It appears, you can only change 1 vote at a time. You can vote on more than one question at a time.

    It is and was all "BULL SHIT" Sam from day one. The president had the right to do that and more and should have.

  • Looks like all comments about my post have been in a negative direction. That is OK. So, I am going to dispense with the comments as they are not constructive to this group of members posting. I guess I am the only one that has the views I take about this subject. I know there are two other folks that have made similar positions as I take. I understand that a lot of folks can't be on here all the time. I just thought there might be some others with my view. Apparently not! I still will stand on my views and will be 1st in line at the voting polls. You have shown your strength for the support of Donald Trump, no matter what. You have shown me that you do not want any truths to be brought forth. I see that the feelings express so far is , "I don't care what he does, he is my guy and I do not want him out, no matter what". No witnesses is a vote for not hearing the truth. I will just watch the trial and feel right for my views.

    I want to thank you all for coming the the Thread and posting your views.

    Is that really what you think is being said? I think We do not trust the Dem's.

  • To all the members of Slingshotinfo. I apologize to you all for my very emotional demonstration and non rational thinking. Folks, I have never in my life gotten into a political debate before. I see that I can not make good judgement when my emotions of a level that we are now in the political process. I have enjoyed the role I took up to this point, providing videos and post of help for the Slingshot. I see, my place is with helping people with my videos and post of information, not in politics.

    I will leave you with this message and also my Threads of Help for the Slingshot on Sam Owens Media and Helpful Info. I will not be able to add more video as I do not own a Slingshot.

    Please enough has been stated, just let this post stand and no response is good, Thanks.

    "BYE" samowens44

  • Pumpkinhead was in Concord New Hampshire Tuesday, going on and on about about how he loved Concord. Everybody loved Concord. “Remember reading about what happened in Concord?”, he asked. “All the world remembers what happened here”, he said. “It’s in all the history books.” (which he, obviously, has never read). The crowd, apparently as thick as the Bone Spur in Chief, cheered him on.

    CONCORD, MASSACHUSETTS, you Twitter Twit!!!

  • I personally would like to see Uncle Joe get the nomination. I think it would be a helluva comedy show watching him debate Trump. You think he stutters and is a gaff machine now —- Trump will make him look like he had a stroke on live TV !!

    I might not be right but I can sure sound like it