Bought a time capsule today

  • One of the accountants I work for was cleaning out his garage and he asked me to come over and go through some old computer equipment. In the corner I spotted a sport bike that looked new from where I was. The closer I got I could tell it was an older Triumph.

    It turned out to be the bike he bought when he was in college. It was a 2000 Triumph TT600 with only 3000 original miles. It actually has the original tires it came with on it. It doesn't have a single scratch on it. Not even a blemish. I asked if he would sell it and he priced it and I bought it immediately.

    I don't intend on riding it obviously.. I am going to wash and wax it, drain any fuel left in it and clean the fuel system, change the oil, re-oil the air filter and put fresh tires on it and put it up for sale.

    It even came with a tank bag and the original owners manual. It just seems strange to look at a bike that is 20 years old that looks like it was just pulled out of the crate.

  • Only you can pull off sh-- like that.

  • Wow, looking at the bigger pictures today and that bike looks amazing for its age!