When transportation companies go BIG

  • https://jalopnik.com/toyota-is…whole-ass-city-1840841031

    At this year's CES, Toyota Motor Company announced that it would be building an entire city as a platform for future technology projects.

    Of course, there's nothing new under the sun...

    Anyone remember the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow? (EPCOT)

    I wish Mr. Toyoda all the best in his venture.

    The smarter you get, the funnier I am.

  • Interesting, I'm not sure of my position but I suppose the only way to make it work has to call for a complete new city. One of the big problems in Philadelphia infrastructure resulted from simply paving over the original roadways used by horse and buggy travel. It's a nightmare to navigate the city.

    Just glad I had the opportunity to grow up in the era I did.