Project 324: Four wheel conversion kit from DF Kit Car

  • Hey everybody,

    My name is Adam Doyle. My dad and I started our company DF Kit Car just over 4 years ago. Up until today, 100% of our business has revolved around the custom mid-engine kit car that we designed ourselves, the DF Goblin.

    But today I've got a big announcement about a brand new product: Project 324.

    As I'm sure you can tell from the image, Project 324 converts a Slingshot from 3 to 4 wheels. What you can't tell is that Project 324 is an easy to assemble kit that you can install yourself without permanently altering your Slingshot (except for trimming a small slot on the bottom edge of the back plastic panel and a longer notch on the battery cover). It maintains ABS and traction control as well.

    Our goals when designing the 324 kit were exactly the same as when we developed our Goblin kit car:

    1. Make it affordable
    2. Make it easy to build
    3. Make it perform

    Many of the manufacturing steps are nearly identical to what we are already doing with the kit car. We even have many parts that carry over from the kit car to Project 324. Keeping the procedures as similar as possible and sharing parts between kits helps to keep costs down.

    Through the years we've seen which parts of our Goblin kit are tricky to assemble and have made changes to the kit to make those steps easier. With the Project 324 kit we kept those kinds of tricky parts in mind from the very beginning in order to avoid tough situations. From day one we were designing with ease of assembly in mind.

    The main bonus of adding a fourth wheel is the increased performance in accelerating, braking and cornering. However, getting a fourth tire touching the ground is only part of the puzzle. The suspension geometry plays an important role. That's why we turned to the computer and designed a custom lightweight, long arm/short arm suspension for Project 324. We also use adjustable coilovers with a standard 2.5 inch spring so that it is no problem to swap springs if you want to tune the performance for the track you're on.

    I'm sure you have tons of questions about our kit (I'm actually working on a question and answer section on our website right now). For basic information about the kit you can head over to our website: Project 324

    For any other questions please post them here and I'll answer them for you.

  • I made sure to get the green light to post from rabtech a couple of days ago. :thumbup:

    Thanks gentlemen for another MOD!:thumbsup:

  • it certainly is the lowest price 4 wheel kit I have seen :thumbsup:

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  • I believe there were some minor differences in the models years. I understand that there were minor adjustments that had to be made in at least one of the other 4 wheels conversion kits.

    Just asking questions?

    Great to see additional individuals getting into the Slingshot 'mod' game.

  • Well AdamDFKC you may have missed the boat on this one. You see, most of us Slingshot owners are completely satisfied with the factory setup and are not inclined to modify our machines. Coupled with the fact that the average Slingshot owner is pretty broke, not much money gets spent on mods.


    Seriously, that is a nice looking setup and I believe that your price point will create buyers who were otherwise on the fence. I think the bolt-on strategy you're employing will also bring in buyers with modest mechanical skills on up. Kudos to you for bringing something new to the table.

    By the way, do you know that Prismatic Powders has an almost perfect match for Pearl Red, complete with metal flakes?

    Remember folks - this isn't a rehearsal, it's The Show!8)

  • I believe there were some minor differences in the models years. I understand that there were minor adjustments that had to be made in at least one of the other 4 wheels conversion kits.

    Just asking questions?

    Great to see additional individuals getting into the Slingshot 'mod' game.

    That's one thing I forgot to mention in the original post: We need a local early model Slingshot (2015-2016). If someone in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area wants their early Slingshot converted we're willing to work a deal on the kit and installation in exchange for letting us study and design around their Slingshot. If you or anyone you know would be interested in that please contact us.

    We think the critical difference is the driver side mounting point of the original swingarm. As far as we can tell, 2015 and 2016 models have the early style which is just a flat plate. On 2017 to 2019 models it is a tube structure instead. We aren't 100% sure on the frame design being different on every 2017 Slingshot so for at least the first few kits I'm going to request a photo of that area from each customer before we ship their kit. That's a quick way to confirm which version they have.

    We designed our kit around the late model tube version (our Slingshot is a 2018). Our kit frame bolts to the outside of the driver side tube structure. On the earlier Slingshots the original mounting plate won't reach our frame so we're going with a steel threaded adapter that will screw into the plate to bridge between the Slingshot and our frame. Basically it makes the driver side of the Slingshot plate look like the later model design. That way our frames can all be identical and bolting to an older Slingshot just requires the adapter.

    The following image shows the threaded portion that would screw into the early Slingshot frame.

    Other than that I am unaware of other differences between year models. We have experience dealing with year model changes with the donor of our kit car (2005 to 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt). On that we have had to tackle things like redesigning our fuel tank from our original design because the engine in an automatic Cobalt is further forward so it hit our original fuel tank. GM used at least 4 different master cylinders in the Cobalt so we have to adjust the brake reservoir relocation kit depending on the donor year and trim. They used two different fuel pumps so we have to make two different tanks. The steering wheel and dash buttons were wired differently starting halfway through the 2007 year model so we have to wire our button panels for early and late models.

  • Damn! I am too far away.

  • You had me going with that first part. ^^

    We see the Slingshot as being a lot like our kit car: it's a solid platform that you can go all kinds of directions with to make a vehicle that is distinctly yours. The trick is to not break the bank to reach your goals or end up outside your element with a never ending project. We feel like our price won't break the bank and we know the actual project will be a breeze to complete.

    I searched for the color and came up with "Outrageous Orange." Does that sound right?