Strut bar and radiator support making it stronger

  • Rist Rocket Racing made and sold this piece years ago. The whole point of this is to tie the top frame rails together and make the front at the struts stronger. I think that Polaris calls it the radiator support. This is not really that hard to do, the worst part is getting the stock support bar out. First and this was a few years ago so I might forget something you will have to cut some ty, wraps and take the top mounting bolts for the radiator out. Now on the front of the frame rails there are four bolts, two to a side on the very end of the frame rails.. (One upper and one lower) you may need to support this front clip when you slide it forward about 2 1/2 inches to remove the radiator support bar. This is the reason for cutting the ty wraps, I am sure you missed one or two. Now on the stock support bar there is a 16 mm bolt on each end, remove them and then slide the support bar towards the front to remove. Now that you have the support bar out look in each end and you will see a spacer, cut these welds out with a sharp chiesal and remove and clean up the welds inside of the support bar. Now find you a 1 1/2 inch square tube 31 1/2 inches long (steel or alum.) but stronger that the stock support bar. Now slide the steel bar inside of the stock bar and mark the holes to be drilled and then remove drill them. You should have noticed that you will need a spacer .10 inch to finish filling up the space inside of the stock support with the steel bar inside, some washers are this thickness. Now just slid everything together and reinstall the bar back in the Slingshot and bolt back up using the proper torque on the bolts in the ends of the support bar. Slide the front clip back and bolt up and you are done except for the adding the new ty wraps and installing the radiator bolts. This was a mod that was done to Camero's and the Mustangs when racing to tie the strut towers together to make the front ends stronger. GOOD LUCK I had to write this twice the first one did not download. DAMN IT! If I ever take any pictures I might post them. Ok, I found me a piece of 1 1/2 inch alum. good to have friends, instead of adding that heavy steel to the front end. I also found out that a 4 feet piece of Alum. cost around $30 and shipping was $35