DDM TRack Day at Roebling Road Raceway -WE ARE GOOD TO GO!


DDM TRack Day at Roebling Road Raceway - DATE CHANGE

Mon, Dec 16th 2019, 6:00 am - 7:00 am

1135 Roebling Road Bloomingdale, Georgia 31302


10 participants, 13 undecided and 0 do not participate

Closing Date: Nov 18th 2019, 8:36 am
  • Does anybody have specs on safety equipment? I know helmets, but what about shoes/gloves/jacket etc? And where can I get arm restraints? They ain't got those things when you race without that extra wheel.

    Helmet - DOT full face

    Gloves - any good glove will suffice

    Jacket - same as above

    Arm restraints are not required

    Remember we are not racing - this is technically "test and tune" You will be on the track with about 10 other Slingshots. No passing unless you are signaled by the other driver and only in specified areas.

    This is just a fun day where you can ride as and as hard as you want within your driving ability. This is a beautiful track and perfect for an SS. If you have never been on a track we will have some experienced drivers who are happy give some instructions.


  • Incredibly well put Sir !


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  • Drivers prep your Slingshots this date is official!

    We still have room for 2 more but a this point I am calling it a go!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the track. Everyone will need to sign waivers The day of the event before we start. Dave@DDMWorks will post the information when available.

    This would not be possible without all the work Dave did.

    Thanks Dave

  • I really wish this event were in my neck of the woods - - I would love to come out and play with you all

    Cage Free - 2016 Pearl Red SL
    JRI GT coil overs, DDM short shifter
    Twist Dynamics Sway Bar & DDM mounts

    MeanSling Sport Top & OEM Dual Windshield

    Pedal Commander + Misc Other Goodies

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  • Thanks Dave@DDMWorks

  • Thank You Everyone. The most important thing is for this to be a "SAFE" day and it should be a fun day for everyone. This should be a day that you will go out on the track without having to be looking out for law enforcement to pull you over. My little speech to everyone is to ride safe and at your own speed. As you progress with your laps on the track you will become more comfortable with the handling of your Slingshot and you will naturally speed up a little or maybe a lot, "BUT STAY IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE" and watch out for the others on the track. This is to be a fun day that you may never experience again, I hope that this will not be the last time for any of us. Ride Safe and enjoy the day and give a big thanks to MACAWS and Dave@DDMWorks for this time on the track. After all they did make this possible.

  • Track Day is only 8 days away.

    Just in case anyone has not made hotel reservations most of us are at the

    Country Inn & Suites by Radisson

    21 Yvette Johnson Hagins Dr

    Pooler, Savannah GA 912 966 1717

    We will post a schedule for driver registration / driver meeting / tech inspection some time this week.

    Make sure you have all your safety equipment

    Full Face DOT Helmet



    Closed shoes

    Fuel is available on site - it is high octane and high dollar

    Let me know if you have any questions


  • The weather is looking great for the trackday on Monday, currently showing mostly sunny and a high of 74 :thumbsup:

    Here is the schedule for the track day on Monday, we will also be sending out an email with this information -

    Monday December 16th

    Track opens at 7:00 AM

    Drivers Meeting at 7:30 AM

    1st time drivers track tour at 8:00 AM - We will have the Van with the passenger seats in it and will be taking the 1st time track drivers out on the track to show the the course, point out braking points, things to watch for, etc.

    Slingshot Group 1 session 1 8:20

    Slingshot Group 2 session 1 8:40

    Non-Slingshot Group session 1 9:00

    Slingshot Group 1 session 2 9:20

    Slingshot Group 2 session 2 9:40

    Non-Slingshot session 2 10:00

    Slingshot Group 1 session 3 10:20

    Slingshot Group 2 session 3 10:40

    Non-Slingshot session 3 11:00

    Slingshot Group 1 session 4 11:20

    Slingshot Group 2 session 4 11:40

    Track shuts down for Lunch from 12:00 - 1:00

    Slingshot Group 1 session 5 1:00

    Slingshot Group 2 session 5 1:20

    Non-Slingshot session 5 1:40

    Slingshot Group 1 session 6 2:00

    Slingshot Group 2 session 6 2:20

    Non-Slingshot session 6 2:40

    Slingshot Group 1 session 7 3:00

    Slingshot Group 2 session 7 3:20

    Non-Slingshot session 7 3:40

    Slingshot Group 1 session 8 4:00

    Slingshot Group 2 session 8 4:20

    Non-Slingshot session 8 4:40

    Track goes cold and Closes at 5PM

    We will have who is in each run Group available at the track and will assign you there.

    There is a Tech Sheet attachment below, please print out, fill out and bring with you to the track day. We will have extras there, just in case.

    Zach and Me will be available for instruction and Jamie will be taking pictures the entire day also.

    If you have any questions, we will have the Tech line with us 864-907-6004 all this weekend and while traveling to the track.

    This is going to be awesome!

    See you all there!


  • Starting packing for track day, I am even bring a back-up tire If there is a problem with the Kenda that just got to the wear bar. The spare will be that piece of S--T Nitto 555 G2 maybe it will have some traction when it gets hot. I also printed out (I Think) the tech sheet. I will not bring my new Riken ZR street tires, saving them for next summer.

  • So will we, but DDM is having a wrench day tommorrow and I was just wondering if anyone was going?


    I have some work to do on my sling but I will be at my shop on Saturday. Best to check with Dave to see if anyone is headed there Saturday

    Jdin is meeting us in Clrksville Sunday Morning and we are meeting Keith at South of the Border on the way down

    Travel safe

    See you there