• I’m sad to say my uncle just passed away Sept 1.

    But he was kind enough to leave me his slingshot. I have travelled from PA to Florida to assist in wrapping things up and to pick it up. But alas... the thing won’t start!

    I’ve driven it before and started it with no issue. I’m not sure if he had a kill switch installed or what.

    I put it on a battery charger and the battery is fine. When you turn the ignition on the only thing that lights up is the button to start it, otherwise not even that hazard lights are coming on. My mother said he just gave her a ride in it Tuesday before he passed.

    I’m stumped and wondered if anyone could assist me?

    Currently located in Ellenton Florida at the moment.

  • Don't know if I'll be that much help, but try these basic things first. Pull off the battery cover and check that the battery cables, both positive and negative, are firmly tightened at the battery and at the rear fuse block and ground points. Check the fuses near the battery and then check the fuse block under the hood. Hopefully, you'll find a blown fuse. If you suspect a breaker might be faulty, you can try swapping it with one of the other breakers. You can find a lot of informative Polaris Slingshot videos here - https://www.youtube.com/user/samowens44/videos. Good Luck.

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  • Sorry for your loss, but you'll be able to keep his memory alive every mile you put on the slingshot for him. Just one basic question. Do you have the clutch pedal depressed when trying to start the engine? There is a switch that will not allow the engine to start if the pedal isn't depressed. Also another problem could be that you turned the key too far and are not in the "run" position but the "accessory" position. It will not turn over as well if that's the case. Hope one of these two solves your issue

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  • would be fantastic if someone near by wouldn’t mind coming by. I’m close to the ellenton outlets.

    go to the owners map and see who is near you and message them possibly, also I would suggest making a post in the main topic section stating help wanted in Florida and you will probably get a response there as that section is read the most. We have a great group of knowledgeable people here and someone will be able to help you. Also condolences for you on your Uncles passing.

  • Batteries are strange. They actually put a load on the system itself. Sometimes they show fully charged but when you do a load check (if you have a battery load checker)? It immediately shows bad/drained. That could be the issue as you stated the flashers won't work when the ignition button lights. Sometimes the starter solenoid will click (complete circuit) but won't be strong enough to turn the engine. Great your uncle thought of you as the one to enjoy his passion.

  • Rick Roth battery voltage has to be in the range of about 11.0 to 12.8 volts to get the starter enough current to turn over. When you hear nothing or clatter sounds when you hit start button, voltage is too low. First thing is to check voltage for starting range. You will need to charge battery. If voltage is too low, battery may not be able to hold full charge voltage of 12.6 to 12.8 for a health battery. You should purchase a voltage monitor that can be plugged into power port for quick view of battery condition. They only cost $10 to $15 @ auto parts store or on Amazon. I have a page on this forum that has lots of information design to help new owners. I thank BKL for giving my YouTube channel. Here is my page, Sam Owens media and info Section this thread, New Owners Important Slingshot Infomation

    I have a number of post covering the subject of the Battery.

  • I have a number of post covering the subject of the Battery.

    And about a thousand other things. Sam has good info for all owners, new and old, on a wide variety of maintenance items and upgrades he has devised. Worth a look-see and a great resource when you are experiencing specific issues. Check it out!

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