Clutch Fluid

  • Went for a ride yesterday and noticed clutch engaging all the way to floor and difficulty shifting into any gear. Checked clutch fluid and it was bone dry. Filled it to max level and went for a ride to bleed the air out. Unfortunately, when I was about 10 miles from home stopped at a light I found that I could not get it into any gear at all. Finally rocked it into 3rd gear and got home without shifting at all. It was strange that clutch obviously was not full disengaging causing gear shift problem but it would sit still at a red light with the clutch pedal in.

    When I was 2 blocks from home I engaged clutch in a turn and lifted pedal up with my foot that the air finally got out and everything returned to normal.

    Doubled checked everything today and there is zero fluid loss from yesterday and no indication anywhere of a leak. Did a fairly long ride and double checked fluid leak or loss.

    I've been remiss in not checking the clutch fluid very often. Last time was nearly 2 years back and it was very low, didn't think much of it as I hadn't checked it before and it only holds a shot glass worth. Any suggestions as to what else I should look for?

  • When mine leaked it was inside the cabin on the firewall in front of the clutch pedal. The leak was so small it never appeared wet but left a stain similar to a water stain. Master cylinder was replaced under warranty and hasn't been a problem since . Just give the floor board a close look. May not be your problem but that's where mine was. Hope you figure it out.

  • A couple weeks ago, I noticed a similar thing on mine. No lose of fluid, but I was grinding gears even when I was all the way to the floor. Checked the clutch fluid and found a "white powder" in the liquid. Drained the fluid, refilled with new DOT 4 and bled the lines. No issue since then. And this is on the new (May 2019) SS with less than 4K miles on it.