Texas Convoy to Eureka Springs, AR, Wednesday Sept 18th for Slingshots in the Ozarks

  • So a couple of us were talking, and I know a few more of us were going to Eureka Springs for the Sept 18-22 Slingshots in the Ozarks GTG.

    A few of us are driving up Wednesday, Sept 18th, so we're inviting all the rest of you to meet with us and join along the way.

    1. For the Austin & South folks, we are meeting at the Buc-ee's In Temple (I-35 exit 304) at 8:30am, LEAVING PROMPTLY at 7:00AM 9:00AM. Be fully fueled ready to leave at 9.

    ** If you're coming up from SA/Houston, you'll want to take the 130 Tollway around Austin to Georgetown as going through Austin at that time of day is stopped traffic. If you need, I also live in Georgetown and have an extra bedroom so I'm sure we could work something up if you want to come up Tuesday night.

    2. We will then drive to the Buc-ee's in Melissa Tx (Hwy 75 - Buc-ee's Exit Road 5167), arriving approximately 9:30AM 11:30am. Again, topping off fuel and ready to LEAVE at 10:00AM 12:00 Noon.

    ** There was some discussion about putting a lunch stop (Babe's Chicken?) in the Dallas area instead. I'm very open to that - add your comments below.

    3. Final stop will be the Love's Travel Stop (US-69 Business exist for Eufaula, OK) right on the lake at approximately 2:30pm. Again, topping off fuel and ready to LEAVE at 3:00PM. Bypassed. Will find something along route depending on which highway we take.

    4. That puts us into Eureka Springs right at 4:00PM 6:00pm - still daylight. (A couple different routes for this final section, we can discuss.) We'll break up there and go to our respective hotels.

    If you want to join us anywhere along the way, just let us know.

    I believe that there was a "Meet-N-Greet" planned for that Wednesday evening at the Best Western Hotel.

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  • While that sounds fun, I'll be taking a more scenic route. It's possible I could meet you at Fort Smith, but logistics may be too hard, so don't worry about it. I'm not sure if I'm taking off Wednesday or not, or just maybe 1/2 day.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone.

  • Chris,

    Random thoughts. While it would be nice to attend the "meet and greet" at 6 Pm I don't see how we can make it and It's no big deal for us. As you know we are going to have to stop for food someplace unless it's at Buc-ee's with our fuel/potty stop. Babes would be great but it will make us even later arriving. I am not sure I can last for 2 and a half hours or 3 with a potty break. We are willing to try it though.

    The closes Babes is in Richardson 5 miles east of exit 24 on 75.

    We are trying to contact more people and find out who is going.


  • Thanks James & Wokka

    Yeah, I agree. As it was getting closer, I was even thinking of changing routes. Just trying to see if we can get a count of people meeting us (or not). I was playing with different routes once we left Dallas, and Wokka is right, just 30 mins longer. We can decide when we get there.

    Please post it on FB - I don't do it the FB any more.

  • Just a few words, if we are running highway all the way there are many stops we can make at any time just with a signal. Sometimes it is better to have two lanes rather than only one on some roads we know nothing about. These back roads may have construction and we might be stopped on road. If it is a vote I say run straight up and just stop as we need. Everyone is gonna need to stretch. Group riding to me is better than solo but we can ride both just my .02$

    On another note I am going up on Tuesday spend the night with friends and meet y’all at Buc-ee’s. Weather permitting

    Keep Three Wheels Down

  • Okay, since weather may be an issue in South & Central Texas, we are going to move this time up 2 hrs earlier to try to get ahead/out of the storm.

    • Meet at Buc-ees Temple at 7am (not 8am).
    • Drive to Buc-ees Melissa (Dallas) to arrive 10am (not Noon).
    • Stop at Loves may be completely changed or bypassed.


    We don't want to leave anyone hanging, but we don't want to get caught in a downpour waiting for someone who may not show up at all.

    I am going to edit the 1st post.

  • chavey2 - Hey on the DFW Slingshot group there is a person named Liz Cherry Hippler Eysink asking about riding together on Wed to Eureka. Not sure if you are in our Facebook group or not but if you are maybe you reach out to her. If your not on the group ask to join and I will approve you..