Backup Camera

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  • Most places, it is illegal to have an operating video playback device within the driver's view while the vehicle is moving, meaning most radios will have a line to connect to the parking brake to prevent operation of any video display while the vehicle is moving. I bought a round Lanzar marine radio that can have the video input activated via an all-too-easily-lost remote. When I contacted them, they told me that if the radio detects a camera power signal, the display will automatically switch to the camera input. This means a SPDT such as the model sold by SlingMods could be used to trigger a rear or a front camera, with no camera function when the switch is in the neutral middle position.

  • Has anyone hooked up the stock backup camera to an aftermarket radio? If so how was it done? TIA

    I reused the stock Backup camera when I switched my head unit to the Sony XAV-200, it has been a while but I don't remember doing anything extraordinary to get it working, pretty standard radio install.

    Is not that I am mean, I just don't sugarcoat what I say.

  • My Sony XAV 100 has rear video any time I want it. I usually leave it on in town. Helps eliminate blind spots. My new Jeep allows it to be turned on any time but only below 60 and it only stays on for about 5 seconds. Shawn at Slingtunes Fixed my wiring for me so I’m not certain how it’s hooked up.