Fossil fuels will be around forever...

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  • The city of Berkley Ca has banned natural gas in new buildings…-piping-in-new-buildings/

    I have to wonder if they realize that there is a good chance that the extra electricity new buildings will require will be generated by natural gas - or even imported electricity generated by coal

    I also wonder if they gave any thought to the higher cost of all electric buildings - - I dont know about prices in Berkley, but here in the desert gas is much much cheeper than electricity

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  • Remember the electricity crunch back in the late 90s and early 2000. PGE sold off their power grid and focused on generation. Costs skyrocketed, service plummeted and rolling blackouts became the norm.

    I had about 30 large construction projects in Cali in those days. We were never sure if we would have enough power to keep everybody working or not.

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  • I grew up in a town that had one coal fired power plant on each end of town.

    The one is still coal fired. When the energy crunch hit many years ago the other converted over natural gas fired. Thinks about that for a second. They buy natural gas to make electricity. Natural gas is a fossil fuel. It might burn cleaner but it still produces air pollution. In 1969-70 the coal fired one built a new plant and a 750 foot smoke stack so the air pollution would be spread to neighboring states...we used to have black flash on everything every morning with the old plant. That said, I worked in a steel mill that would turn off the air pollution devices after dark. I assume the power plant did the same.

    California has a history of screwing up this country going way back to the 60s. Maybe longer.

    The new green deal is a fairytale. It’s not doable or financially possible. Anyone that believes it needs their head examined. When every person and every business moves out of California who will be left to pay the taxes?

    California is already ruined, I say we should give it lock, stock and barrel back to the wall between California and Nevada.