Homebuild of MOSFET Switch to flash LED eyebrows

  • Today I decided to build my own circuit that will allow my LED Eyebrow that I will be installing to flash when the turn signal lamp flashes on it's given side.

    I ordered some side directional white LED strips that I will use as an eyebrow on my GT.

    What I really want to have is the LED's will be on at all times, but when the flasher is activated, the circuit would be interrupted causing it to flash off when the marker light is flashing on.

    The build result is a MOSFET that is rated for 5 Amps, which will not see more than 1 amp of load fully encased in adhesive walled heat shrink tube. I built two of these, one for each side of the sling.

    There are three leads, one goes to frame ground, one goes to the negative side of the LED Lamp Circuit, and the third lead will be tapped onto the DC Positive lead of the turn signal bulb.

    I tested it on the bench driving 3 amps for over an hour and did not detect any temperature rise of the components! The switching speed is wicked fast.

    Total cost for the switch circuit less than $5.00!, I am waiting for my Amazon order of OPT7 16Ft 5M Directional LED Light Strip which cost $19.95, from which will be custom cut and applied to the lower edges of the front end. Hoping to document this as we move forward. IF the OPT7 quality is sub par for my needs, I will be looking for a different version.

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  • This will be down stream of the canbus tapped into the 12VDC side of the lamps... Planning to run the exact circuit that I have laid out in this post. Will certainly see if there is any issues up stream at the canbus... Would really be no difference by installing the 3rd brake light flasher which I did earlier. Will plan to post the results....