Haltech ECU , AEM digital dash , fuel gauge converter

  • For those with a Haltech ECU and some type of digital dash. If you want to feed the resistor style slingshot fuel gauge feed into it you will need to convert it to a 0 to 5 Volt signal. Grab one if these little boxes pictures below and hook it up. Then feed it to the Haltech via an available input.

    There are several available that you can use on the Haltech. I actually went through all my inputs and removed the inputs that were not being used. You can get rid of the narrow band O2 sensor because you dont need it if your running a wideband. That gave me an extra input. And if you are using the Haltech onboard MAP input you can get rid of the signal coming from the MAP sensor on the intake. So there is another input you can use for something else.

    Here is a pic of the fuel device.