Quick wiring question on radio

  • Working on installing a new double DIN head unit from Alpine

    It has a parking break lead that needs to be connected to the power supply side of the parking switch to transmit the parking break status to the unit.

    You can’t change some of the settings and options / setup unless the unit sees the parking break on.

    I have yet to look for the parking break switch and try to figure out how to wire it.

    I suspect there is power supplied to the parking break lead when the break is on

    Wondering if I could just connect the parking break lead to the 12V power - wondering if that would send a signal indicating the break is “on” all the time allowing me to make changes without having to stop and park.

    Thoughts? Anyone try this or have other suggestions?

  • @earicastar76

  • I ran into the same problem with my Alpine. I didn't want to deal with the parking brake. In talking with Alpine, they told me that their signal uses a double ground system, meaning, it has to see ground, pause half a second and ground again. I tested this manually and it did work, but I didn't want to do that all the time.

    I found a bypass module on Amazon that works, it doesn't mention the Alpine, but figured I could return it if it didn't, but it does indeed work. Just wire it to the back of the Alpine and your menus will alway swork.

  • You can manually do the bypass, run a ground where to a switch or a place where you can ground it and just "double tap" the ground with the radio's parking switch wire. I did this to play with the radio until my bypass got here and to verify it was working as Alpine stated.

    Which head unit do you have?

  • wokka - apologies for the delay in responding.

    I went with the Alpine iLX-W650 head unit.

    The bypass switch you recommended works perfectly - all the menu options are displayed all the time - no need to be in park to get the full menu options.

    My backup camera isn’t working.

    It switches on when I put it in reverse but the screen is scrolling / rolling at a fast rate.

    While rechecking the wiring and troubleshooting yesterday, I realized if I take the male end of the video plug from the Slingshot and touch the outside of the female video plug to the stereo, then insert into the plug the video feed for the camera works.

    Going to recheck wiring today and I have a spare harness and camera I might try today.

  • Thought the same...maybe a ground issue.

    I used the same wiring / bypass switch that worked on the Clarion CMS5.

    I will remove the bypass and connect like it was from factory and test.

    Also have a spare wiring harness and camera.

    Been so hot it’s hard to work in the garage for more than a couple of hours even with multiple fans going