Northeast Georgia Mountain Ride Videos

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  • Here is the second leg of our Ride to Hiawassee, Ga. We pick up the narration of the ride and sharing more information about various subjects as we ride the Northeast Georgia Mountains. Our ride continues on Hwy 129 as we pick up the video on the north side of Blood Mountain on our way to Blairsville, Ga for breakfast at Skillet Cafe. They are famous for pancakes the size of dinner plates, I am not kidding.

  • I have posted many ride video of the the northeast Georgia Mountain Area. I have mentioned and showed ride video through Helen and Cleveland, Ga. Well I have something that will capture the look of Helen in it total grandeur. My Drone video I took a few years back. Sit back, relax and take a look at Helen, Ga from above.

  • My neighbors here in the Georgia Mountains asked to go for a ride in Snazzy. Well, I never turn down an opportunity to show how a Polaris Slingshot feels and the view you get from the passenger seat of Snazzy. Both Bill and Ann express how much a liked it, it was fun for me also. I suggest taking a friend, family member, kids and strangers for a ride if the opportunity presents itself.

    Here is the video of our ride, this is Paradise Valley Road to Town Creek Road and then turn around for the return trip.

  • Another video in the series about the Northeast Georgia Mountains. This time our community of Trike Motorcycles invited me on a group ride to Batesville, Ga for lunch at the Batesville Restaurant. It is at the corner of Hwy 197 and Hwy 255. An old house that has been a restaurant for as long as I have been in the area. An excellent destination for breakfast, lunch or Dinner. Dinner is reservations only. Now the video is more of introducing the trike riders and the fact we have created a Trike Ride Group, anyone with a three wheel vehicle can join in on the rides. We call ourselves the "PVC on Three". Trikes and Slingshots can have fun on rides as we found out.

    I will be editing the ride video and posting soon with how we got the restaurant and the things along the way.

    Now hop on, buckle up and this ride with the Trikes.