• So I am a bit of a gardener. Today I cut off the scapes from my garlic plants to chop them up like chives for cooking.

    I think I have about 100 garlic plants this year.

    Does anyone else get in to gardening?

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  • I play around with hydroponics a little.

    But all my hardware is home built except for the pond pump that feeds it all.

    It has been so damn hot down here that my lettuce rails finally just died from the heat.

    Now thinking of doing some lettuce in the house to escape the heat.

  • I will be going through Gilroy Ca about 2 weeks from now..... yum!

    I use to live on the far south side of San Jose During the Gilroy garlic campaign I could smell the garlic in the morning as I was heading out to work. Brings back memories.

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