THE SEPTEMBER ARKANSAS 1-MILE CHALLENGE SEPT. 27-29TH (Thu, Sep 26th 2019 - Sun, Sep 29th 2019)



Thu, Sep 26th 2019 - Sun, Sep 29th 2019

Blytheville, AR 72315, USA


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Closing Date: Sep 25th 2019, 7:00 pm
  • rabtech started a new event:



    SEPT. 27-29TH

    Come and compete for top speeds at The Arkansas 1-Mile Challenge! The event takes place at the Bytheville International Airport located at 4701 Memorial Drive, Blytheville, AR.


    I will be at this event. I have paid and have my logbook on the way.

    This is the real deal everyone... If you want to see just what the boosted Ecotec can do you will want to be at this event.

    1 FULL MILE OF HOLDING IT TO THE FLOOR..... Are you kidding me.... I can't wait.

    This is put on by the East Coast Timing Association. If you want to participate and you are not a member of the ECTA you must join and purchase a logbook/rulebook.

    If you register for this event please pick the 1 Mile Motorcycle class. You will need to email AFTER you register and let them know you will be driving a slingshot. They have created a class just for Slingshots... They will assign you to that group. IF you are competing for a land speed record you will need to purchase the logbook. The cost of the logbook/rulebook is $55.00 and its good for a year. They have events all over the united states so it would not go to waste. They even have three events a year in Blytheville AR.

    Cost for registration is 485.00 and you get 3 days of racing for that price. You will show up on Thursday and get the tech inspection out of the way and then you race FRIDAY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.....

    ALSO <<< they will give you your half mile speeds an times for an additional $25.00 fee. You will need to let them know in the email that you will want the 1/2 numbers for the extra $25.00. You pay that fee when your on the site before the race.

    Here is a link to the documents you will need to have filled out if you are participating. Fill out the "motorcycle" tech sheet.

  • rabtech I may have to skip the Indy 1/2 to do this. I will see if I can get this cleared and added to our schedule. Will you stay with your 7163 or will you go larger? A 1 mile top speed run is going to be hell on the engine. I'll have to add a couple more gauges for that run. Maybe you can beat that "191mph" record.......that there's no video of.laugh-squared:POKESS:

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  • So looking forward to this, hopefully we get a lot of these guys out there that keep making these high speed claims to have them run in a place where it is safer to do that. Also, it will be interesting to see how far we can push the Slingshots and to see what kind of development happens. Hopefully Kyle D can make it down also, it would be great to have atleast 3 of us there!

  • Sounds like a LOT of fun. I'm booked up on vacation time so can't make it. Otherwise I would be there to support the SS group.

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  • Kyle D I told you it would be a blast..... The guy that I emailed that is over the registration was really interested in getting the classes setup for the slingshots. He asked me how I though they should be done and I told him that I didn't think this time there would be enough to make classes. However in the future he could have 3 classes

    1. naturally aspirated

    2 turbo and super charged under 350hp

    3 turbo and supercharged over 350hp

    or something like that...

    for now I just told him to put us all together if her wanted to.