Just Installed the Pedal Max.............WOW

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    This thing is AMAZING. Pulls much harder in each gear, the 0-60 and 0 -100 runs are much much faster. 5th gear is much more usable. This is on a otherwise bone stock slingshot.


    Any questions just ask.

  • That is my understanding as well. Watching the video really helped me understand how it works.

    Here is a small 'blurb' from them...

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  • Data, data, data!

    All the "butt dyno" claims fail to impress. Let's see the following (with video evidence, please!) for both stock Slingshot and Pedlemax mod. In the SAME vehicle with a neutral third-party driver:

    1. 0-60, 5 runs averaged (Launch performance)

    2. 35-75, 5 runs averaged (Passing performance)

    3. 0-100, 5 runs averaged (Full power band performance)

    4. Quarter mile time, 5 runs averaged

    Time to back your claims with some numbers. Admittedly, this is a bit of work, but if your gadget performs as well as you say it does, you have a winner and your sales will go up (deservedly so!)

    If you can't back this up I'm just gonna have to file Pedalmax under "Snake Oil" along with the Veg-O-Matic and the Pocket Fisherman.

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  • Really? My understanding is that all this is doing is allowing faster throttle response, which has been confirmed. So, unless I miss my guess, when the accelerator is fully depressed, both systems will be putting out the same power...........................:/


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  • From what I saw on the video...the pedal max knob acts likes a throttle. He turned the knob up and the tach RPMS went up. So does the vehicle then idle at 2000 rpms to start with? Instead of 800 rpms?

    If that’s the case sure it will seem like its doing something to enhance the performance.

    I was thinking it’s a performance chip that has different computer parameters set to have the gas/air mixture change from the normal factory Settings...if so why would it increase the rpms? It should still idle at 800 and any changes should happen within the distributor to increase performance. Like advancing the timing.

    So right now I’m confused.

    Sounds like an electronic idle screw..

    If you’re starting out at a higher RPM sure the throttle response is going to increase....

    Should have called it IDLEMAX ...

  • From my understanding of this thing is that the only thing it changes is the 5 volt reference signal from the throttle position sensor to the ecu. So it "tricks" the computer into thinking that the throttle is open faster/sooner so the rest of the fuel tables react sooner. But all things being equal, the computer won't know the difference between full throttle via foot to the floor, or full throttle via reprogramming switch. The only improvement is the millisecond from off idle to fully mated throttle. JMHO

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