Missing my full helmet

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  • For the first time I happened to run into a rain squall yesterday wearing my (relatively) new half-helmet and quickly found myself missing the protection of my full-faced modular.................


    Madstad windshield

    MeanSling hood assist

    MeanSling SportTop

    DDMWorks surge tank

    Paramount Plastics Stealth Rear Fender version 1

    Sedici Distanza Sissy Bar Bags

    Ventisit ventilated seat cushions

    Curb Alert

  • I keep my full face Arai helmet behind my drivers seat.

    I wear it when I travel on the highways as I don't think the stock wind screen reflect near enough wind.

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  • I always keep the full face helmet behind the seat when I'm not wearing it. I typically wear a 3/4 helmet most of the time. I have the stock tall windshield so the 3/4 helmet is perfect. I don't get too much wind and I can hear the radio as clear as if the SS was parked. My wife and I just came back from a 3-hour trip and we both had our 3/4 helmets on with the tall windscreen and she watched a couple of movies throughout the entire trip and the sound was great with the 3/4 helmet/tall windscreen combination and I was rolling anywhere between 75-90 mph! Here in the Midwest, you always have to be ready for the pop up shower or rainy day, so the full face helmet and the rain gear are ALWAYS in the SS.

    Be safe and God bless!