Thursday May 23 bike night in Austin

  • Calling all Slingers in central TX.

    Ridenow powersports, formally Woods in Austin is having a bike night at 6pm next Thursday the 23rd. Slingshots are invited and encouraged to attend. Their will be food, drinks and fun.

    Ridenow is willing to sponsor our VOS and Heart of Texas clubs in central Tx. They are the only ones to do so. They have expressed interest in meet-ups, rides and other Slingshot club events.

    This is what we have been working for over a year. Now we a local dealer supporting us.

    We need to show up mat this event to show our support for our clubs and for ridenow. This our first chance to get something going locally.

    If you can make please show up and show off.


  • Hey James, Thanks for the note about it. RideNow Austin (previously Woods) does a bike night almost every Thursday during the summer, as does Central Texas Harley Davidson in Round Rock. (I had no problems at CTHD with my Victory, but not sure how they would accept the SS.) I normally have dinner plans on Thursday nights but I think I can move things around.

    BTW, going to the RR Express game Monday, May 20 if anyone wants to join.

  • I hate to say this but you are right. This their first Bike night of 2019. They had not even thought about slingshots being there. After our meeting they are all in for it including inviting every owner on their data base. This is a first for them and kinda shows how much we have been neglected in the past, But no more we really need to make this happen. They also want to do Slingshot specific meet ups .


  • Just wanted to say Thanks to jamesgn , @DarkAngel, @Louie (??), and whoever the other SS was. We ended up having 5 slings show up and I'm pretty sure we sold a couple more because everyone was looking at them. (I'm told some people even sat in mine without me knowing . . . (sigh) . . . .) Stayed around for an hour or so with the SS's parked up front (while all the motorcycles were relegated to the side) so everyone could see.

    We then went out for dinner at Chuy's Lamar for tacos, enchilada's, fajita's, and more. Great time all.

    And can you believe, I forgot to get ANY pics. I know others did so here's hoping they post some pics up.