Video or images to take dash off?

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  • You've got it right here circled in Blue. This is one of the plugs that goes to the back of the display screen. It's part of that wire harness #12 I pointed out before. That's the Orange one. Look at @wokka's picture and that's the blue one you're looking for - might be stuck between the frame and a plastic panel somewhere. Same shape and style just a different color. And I'm betting that's the entire harness all wadded up down in the Red circle. Follow that orange plug wire until you find the rest of the harness.

  • One is square and the other is oblong I thought, had 4 connectors side by side. The picture I showed is square and looks similar to his in blue.

    This is a horrible image, but didn't realize it was this blurry until I was done for the day and had the SS off of the jacks.


  • Yes, that's possibly part of the same harness. But the connector he is looking for is the one in your earlier photo that was caught between the frame and plastic panel. They are 2 square connectors - 1 orange and 1 blue - that plug into the back of the main display (although I don't remember exactly which ports they go into). The other end (or I guess technically the middle) of that harness is the big 32-pin connector that plugs into the top of the stereo black box. The two farthest ends of that harness should be located at both ends of the dash right about where your knee would be for plugging into the speaker/pods - look up from where your feet would be.

  • Mateo,

    Found some more images online. (Couldn't find the exact one I know I've seen before, but these will work.)

    Here's that blue plug. Notice that it's the same shape/style/size as the orange one - just a different color. You'll also see that they are labelled. I'm pretty sure the orange plug goes into port B on the back of the screen and the blue plug goes in Port C. However, I couldn't VERIFY that. (that was the photo I was looking for that I know I've seen but can't find now). I think it came from an old thread on the other site so maybe rabtech can confirm.

  • It looks like Port D and Port B according to the labels on those wires.

    Everyone agree??

    Rab is correct. I said the wrong thing below! It is B and D!

    I have my radio out now while working on an unrelated mod for mine. The blue plug goes into the port above the blue/green dot. The other plug (think it was orange?) goes into the port above the yellowish dot.

    Mateo I put mine together last night, took it for a test drive, and didn't look at the backup camera at all. I did this morning, but I had it plugged into C instead of D, for the camera.