Ignition button light flashes and no power

  • Not sure if anyone has had this issue or not, but drove to the store and when I came out, turn the key and I get a flash of the power button, but nothing else. I wouldn't think this is the battery as I'm not getting anything, even week lights. It's a flash of the power button and then everything is just off. Thoughts? I checked what fuses I can and everything looks good. So much for the first driving day of 2019. Anyway... any help much appreciated.

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  • Been there done that.

    Battery dead.

    Might get lucky. Check your battery connections.

    At battery posts, battery ground to frame.

    If all checks good...

    Do a voltage check of battery.

    Bet it has dropped below 11.0 volts.

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  • Thanks airoutlaw. Was thinking I should have gotten *something... even week headlights though. Not just a flash and nothing. I have an Optima yellow top battery. Thinking my son unplugged my battery tender this winter, but don't know how long it was unplugged. Was running fine for most the day. I'm wondering if my alternator is working correctly... hummmm.

    Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose. - Bill Gates

  • Battery may still be okay but in need of severe charging.

    Just not enough juice in it to trip relays.

    Happened to me when I got my tuned ECU back and installed. Thought they had totally screwed the brain unit.

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  • Same thing happened to me with the Smurf (motorcycle) battery. No warning, no dimming, no errant behavior. Just nothing. I would get the starter light only and when I pushed it, it went out and did not start the vehicle. This was in my garage after sitting a couple days which has not been a problem. Charged the battery, put a volt meter on it and watched it immediately start dropping to 10.5 volts. Done and replaced.

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  • so here's one other piece of detail. I pulled the battery and had it tested. Tested out fine. It's an optima yellow top. Now I know the post clamps were on there good and tight. I always worry about cranking down on them too much, but couldn't budge them. A few things changed. One, I totally disconnected the battery and two, the guy at the shop cleaned the terminals prior to testing with a wire brush. Put it back in and it started up just fine. So I'm left with thinking this is my issue and loose wire, but really pissing me off as I know everything was tight. So is there anything at all that could do this? It's almost like a relay wouldn't turn over or something. Maybe disconnecting the battery entirely reset something. I can own an id 10 T error too, but WTHell.

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  • Consider where the battery is located, corrosion can creep in on even the tightest of connections, and it does not take much corrosion to inhibit current flow. The technician most assuredly corrected the problem when he cleaned the terminals of corrosion so I would not concern myself worrying about other issues.


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  • Especially after a long winter with no use, you might want to inspect the battery cables. It wouldn't surprise me to hear that you have severe corrosion build-up on the terminals. Enough power to light a small light, but nothing more even if the battery has a stronger charge. Hope you find it and it's something simply (and cheap) to fix

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  • yeah, that's the thing. No real corrosion on the terminals. One has a wing nut on the top of it for things like the battery tender. The wing nut has a bit of corrosion, but everything else looks clean. Winters where we are can be very wet air though.

    Thanks all for input!

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  • Good question Slingrazor. Thing is, I've never had to use a battery charger on it. I know they have ones that are made for the Optima and I know I don't have that. Now the battery tender that I have is I think fairly standard. I don't know if they have to be a certain type, but my guess was no... could be wrong. What I do know is that it's been running OK after this, but my fear is turning around and doing 1600 mile ride with it down to TN and having something go wrong. I have a few things I have to do to it though. I noticed the water pipe for coolant is touching the wrap around the muffler pipe the other day. Problem is I'm going to have to try shifting the entire motor over to fix it. Has to happen though as I noticed there are some paint scuffs on the blower for the turbo where it's tapping on the frame and that needs to stop too.

    Thoughts on the battery tender? I need to look into the ground. I replaced a lot of stuff last year, but I'm still using the factory ground post which I don't like too much.

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  • The Optima battery is a great product that works good but needs to be maintained to make it last. A normal trickle charger is not good for an AGM battery. The AGM battery requires a special charger that will deep cycle the battery when it charges. A normal charger will only top off the battety with no effect to the deep cycle. Over time this will lead to a battery that doesn't hold a charge. Whenever my sling is not going to be used for more than 2 weeks, I put it on the charger.

    I use the Optima battery charger, which is good for lead acid and AGM batteries, on my Sling. There are other AGM chargers that are a little cheaper than the 70 to 80 dollars you will pay for the Optima.

  • Anytime I hook up ANYTHING electrical, I always apply (I have aerosol spray and an applicator somewhat resembling touch-up paint) Caig deoxit and progold to enhance contacts and attenuate tarnishing. Sort of a thin film of oil.

  • Been using a BatteryTender on my sling for three years now without issue. Plug it into the always on cigarette lighter socket between the seats. Plug it in everytime I park it. Hope I'm not killing my battery. I think not.