New Member/Owner from Madison, Alabama!

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  • This post is about a month old, from, but I figured I'd repost it here, for all to see =)

    Hey yall,

    I didn't wanna introduce myself until I actually bough a Slingshot.
    This is lengthy intro, but Joe (Sling King) told me to tell it =)

    A little bit about myself, name's Jason, been in Alabama all my life,
    almost 41 years! Loved the Slingshot when I heard about it a couple
    years ago. Couldn't afford to get one at the time. Had just bought a
    Jeep Rubicon and started to modify it super quick! Wanted a Jeep, since
    I was in my late teens, so I figured 20 years wait was long enough! It
    was an awesome Jeep, went many places, I would've never gone in a
    regular vehicle! Didn't quite realize quite how much damage would
    happen internal, while doing this, LOL! I mean, I knew things would
    brake and wear, but didn't know they would that often.... Had the Jeep
    almost 2 years and went through 3 sets of upper/lower balljoints, 3
    pairs of inner front axle seals, just to name a couple. Invested
    $10-$15k in it, in less than 2 years! So, needless to say, no extra
    cash for a Slingshot...

    Decided a few months back to put the Jeep up for sale. Tried to get
    payoff, $18k, and nothing. It had $10k plus in mods, that I was just
    gonna let go with it. People, many people, wanted it, but couldn't get a
    bank to loan enough and didn't have any cash to just buy it....

    Talked to a few car dealers, who offered me $6k-$10k for the Jeep....
    Just completely disgusted... Talked to my cousin, that's been at a
    local Chevy dealer for 30+ years and trust him! He said the best way
    out of the Jeep was to trade for a $42,000 2016 Chevy Silverado, Crew
    Cab, LTZ Z71..... Payments would be $650-$700/month, but the incentives
    would eat the negative equity up.... Still just so disappointed...

    So, I was daydreaming about the Slingshot a few weekends ago, (March-April 2016). Started
    looking at all sorts of stuff, Polaris's website, stumbled upon
    Slingmods and last Tuesday, I found Joe, (Sling King)'s Vlogs. I didn't
    have much time to watch them at work, but when I got home, I watched
    every one of his Vlogs! Checked out some of his review on his great
    opportunity, getting to work with Slingmods! Checked out, and was dead set on owning a Slingshot!

    I found Joe's Facebook page and he quickly accepted my request. He
    told me about so many other things, that I didn't know about the
    Slingshot! We talked about my financial situation and the desire to
    just bite the bullet and get the damn thing!

    So, this past Wednesday, (April 6, 2016), I took the day off, went to the Polaris dealer
    in Athens, AL. Sat in a Turbo Silver SL and just from sitting in it, I fell
    in love!!! That one was sold, at $25,999!!! But, they had a Base
    Titanium, but had added the infotainment crap and a windshield and jacked
    the price up to $24,000.... They tried to tell me that I needed the
    extras that they put on it.... They won't let people test drive them, due to
    insurance purposes... Thought this Slingshot dealership was the better
    one, out of the 3 in Alabama, but just another dealer, wanting to make
    the sale.... So, Thursday and Friday, I was on the phone with them off
    and on throughout both days. Seemed it only got worse, until they
    finally decided to do something for me.

    Got a call, about 6pm, Friday night, (April 15, 2016), saying they think they had a deal
    worked up for me, at a payment that wasn't ridiculous... But, they
    couldn't tell me over the phone... Called them Saturday morning and
    finally got a payment out of them, it was $10-$15 more than I wanted,
    but the best thing for me, at this point in time. So, checked with the
    boss, (wife) and she was fine with it!

    Got to the dealer, at closing time the next day and made the deal, and
    left with a 2016.5 Gloss Black Base! Soon as we left the dealership, I
    decided that this is the best thing I've ever wasted money on, in my life! 1st
    through 3rd is an absolute thrill!!! I've owned Vettes, 1st Gen
    Camaros, lots of Classic cars, lots of motorcycles and this is, hands
    down, the baddest thing I've driven!!!

    So, thank you Joe, (Sling King), for all your terrific info, reviews,
    etc. and to taking the time to talk to me! He told me the
    Slingshot community was the best out there! I wish there were more
    people like you in this world, brother! I plan to have my Slingshot for
    a long time to come!

    Thanks for having me and maybe someone close by wants to ride sometime?
    Again, sorry for the long intro, but it's well worth it! Thanks again,

    So far, I've added an Alpha Cold Air Intake, Alpha Cam and Coil Pack Cover, Alpha Brake Brace, Metrick's License Plate Relocater, 1320 Header, BMS Twin Shot Exhaust System, a stock "Blade" windshield and Alpha Center Brace, Shark Audio 1400w Stereo System and more to come in the near future!

  • Welcome and looks like you have a good start on your mods! @Slingking aka Joe is one of the best resources regarding the Sling!!!

  • Wow brother! Thank you for the kind words! I'm so happy for you. That was a good read! :)