SSV Works Rear Deck Speaker Wire Installation

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  • Folks: For those of you who have the SSV Works Rear Deck Speakers installed, I could use your recommendation/guidance on how you ran the speaker wires from the speakers to the SSV 4 channel amp I am installing under the dash. I figured some ran it along the middle transmission area (center console), some on the sides, and maybe some under the SS. If you have these speakers, I would appreciate your input on how you ran your wires and are you happy with it. If not, how would you have ran the wiring. Thanks

  • I looked into running wiring through that same area, but it looks pretty time consuming to gain access to that. I cheated and ran my wiring from the battery box and entered the cab where the frame enters. You can see that pretty well if you remove the side (found that while putting my exhaust on and was removing the passenger side for it). It only takes a few minutes and is about 20 bolts and plastic tabs to remove a side panel. There is a small gap in the floor as the frame comes up.

    It's not perfect and not my first choice, but I didn't want to have to do this:

    Kudos to ericastar76 for her work, but I just didn't want to strip down my ride.

  • I put my amp under the drivers seat and removed the dash and rear deck to run wires for both the side speakers and the SSV headrest/roll hoop speaker pods. Ran main bundle down drivers side. Putting powered subwoofer in this weekend and may need to move some wiring.