Slingshot Windshields

  • Some of you may not be aware of the windshields that F4 Customs has for the Slingshot and many of you are customers of F4 Customs.

    For those that might now know about our product here are some points. If you have a F4 Customs windshield and want to comment on your experience with the windshield we would love to see your comments.



    * Sheds Rain extremely well

    *Cleans with paper towels and any glass cleaner

    *Optically perfect

    *Made from high optics polycarbonate with our proprietary coatings baked in to make it highly scratch resistant

    *offered in many different heights


  • F4 +3 was my choice.

    Purchased one month after picking up my 2016 Slingshot in August 2015.

    Was not happy with the stock windshield due to the high buffet air stream that was pounding my left ear. Had a hard time trying to walk for short duration after an hour ride because of the lack of equilibrium in my ears.

    At 6'1", the F4 +3 allows me to look over the windshield and the slight curvature at the top of the windshield pushes the air up and over my head.

    Windshield has two small rock dings from interstate travel. No detectable scratches and still cleans up easily.

    I use Rejex on the bug strike zones including the windshield. Clean up is a damp microfiber with mild soap and a drying towel.

    Plenty of other options out there for windshields as discussed in other threads...

    Happy with my F4 +3.

    And since it ain't broke, no need trying to fix it.

    And because someone will ask, I will answer the question now...

    You get wet! :thumbsup:

    Slingshot Flyer! Well, of course it's red... :REDSS:

  • Awesome bud, glad you were able to get a 16 in 158):00008356:now that's funny right there!:00008172:

    I bought my 17 in august of 16, don't see the issue. I also have a f4+7 and love it. The people at f4 are the ones to buy from, communications are great, pricing is great and the staff are outstanding. I like to sit behind a windshield and look through it, optics are clear with no distortion. I have a few scuffs from rocks but I'm glad the windshield took the hits and not us.