Can anyone tell me the wattage output on the stock 2016.5 SL stereo?

  • Looking at possibly updating the stock speakers. Plan to go with 6 1/2" to replace the woofer only. I am not looking to spend lots of money on this, just get a little better sound from the stock unit. I just want to find something that is comparable to work with the existing unit. I'm interested in finding out the RMS and max output to match a speaker to that. Thanks!

  • Your 6.5" won't fit without an adapter and spacer (if not a slimline driver). I went with a 5.25" Cerwin Vega component set (using only the midbass driver). Required a 1/4" spacer but otherwise dropped in nicely. Had Morels in but they required a 1" spacer which I do NOT recommend unless you like a plastic hoop digging into your lower left leg. Best part of the CVs is that they are 94 db/1W, which is very sensitive and helps put out a lot of sound without taxing your stock amp too muc