Coyote tracks

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  • We have coyotes here in the desert - I know of more than one cat who has met their fate because of them. When I lived down valley I was standing in my kitchen one morning drinking my coffee and looking out back when a big one jumped over the 6 foot fence bounded across the yard and went right over the opposite fence - - It was pretty shocking to see how easily it cleared the fences

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  • Have you seen them in your area ....

    IMO they are dog tracks ... seem too rounded, no prominent claw marks, normal rule is if you can't draw an "X" between the toes and not touch anything (like the top of the heel pad) then its not a coyote .... but with so many hybrids out there it's getting harder to tell for sure just by tracks ....

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  • Neighbors have seen a coyote

    If you look closely at my pictures you can see the nail prints....and beady little eyes...

    PA has open season on need a hunting license....hunt them any time day or night and any type of weapon......

  • We have coyotes, foxes, and even a mountain lion now and then that visit our neighborhood, I have nothing but respect for the Coyote, even though we humans have been encroaching and taking over more and more of it's territory, having put an open season on exterminating them, the coyote still continues to adapt and survive, an amazing animal.

    (Besides, they help keep the feral cat population under control! ;))


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