New FB group just created , STRICTLY POLARIS SLINGSHOT, need moderators ?

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  • I,ve just started a new Facebook Group I,ve been thinking about for far too long now. One, Strictly Slingshots! no other posts, no government bashing , no non slingshot commercial adds, or posts ! no pictures of what somebody had for supper last night ! Unlike on a forum , all is posted on the page and you have to scroll through it all to find anything. So the answer is a site, where all members agree, none of that crap here please, Just Slingshot Stuff !

    It may crash and burn but what the hell, nothing ventured nothing gained,

    Any way I,m looking for moderators if anybody else thinks it might be something nice on FB for a change , just slingshot discussions and eye candy ! here's the first post on the page opened tonight . check out the group DESCRIPTION heading at " STRICTLY POLARIS SLINGSHOT" just type "Strictly Polaris Slingshot" in the FB search window to find it

    HELLO ALL, we've just created this new FB group, STRICTLY POLARIS SLINGSHOT and the first invites will be going out soon . Our mission is to provide a Slingshot group , dedicated to, and focused on slingshot content ONLY ! A place for members to come and view posts and photos from other members of their fantastic Slingshots and Slingshot adventures. Free from all the typical posts of political nature, support this, like that , share this , and all, nothing to do with Slingshots! Please take a minute to read our group description , under the ABOUT heading to the left and if your thinking this could possibly be one of the easiest on the eyes, Slingshot groups around , post us a great pic or few of your ride and introduce yourself ! Imagine a site with no, non slingshot commercial adds, no off topic posts, STRICTLY SLINGSHOTS !

    Actively pursuing moderators now ! any takers ? APPLY WITHIN.

  • Hi frehleycomet You should just be able to log into your FB page then type Strictly Polaris Slingshot in the top address bar in place of your current page name and hit enter and it should take you right there . Weve already had 39 members sign up today and many have posted pics , so everything is up and running fine , don't forget on Group pages you select ''DISCUSSIONS'' on left menu to display a new post box.

    And of those 39 , many I recognize as very reputable members from right here, so thank you all. Though some members I only know by forum names, so forgive me if I don't recognise your real name on FB. Just send me a slap in the head post and I WILL CATCH ON FAST ENOUGH ,,,I HOPE

  • heh thanks Brent , Goats_Hogs I may very well take you up on that offer if your serious lets talk more tomorrow , its taken off crazy there already 119 members signed up and I've only had time to invite 130 of my 629 friends list that came on board my all things slingshot page over the last two weeks

    BUT AS YOU KNOW THE KEY TO ANY FACEBOOK GROUP IS ACTIVITY , if you think your up to checking in there on a regular basis and participating , I,d be glad to work with you .