Getting Warm Air to the Cockpit In the Winter time

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  • You just have to pull the cup holders out and the warm air from the engine will blow into the cockpit. I received the two 3 inch PVC street elbows today. With a little bit of electrical tape they can fit the holes real good and direct the air flow across each seat. With the dead air space in the SS this works in the cold weather up to at least 70 mph. Since it is a little cool here I will be trying this out again in the next few days. I already know it works to 70 so I will try it out a little faster.

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  • Anyway it works with the UP Top. But also I can change the flow by adjusting the flaps I had installed this past summer in the scoop area, It must change the pressure in the cabin area. 48 degrees and 75 mph. It would great for blowing a little warm air under a blanket that would be over your legs

  • I removed the plastic panels that cove the holes in the transmission tunnel a while back and have't gotten them reinstalled. Hot air does enter the cock;it thru the exposed holes, but as temps drop the air seems to be carrying less and less heat and the extra heat drops off.

  • After installing the MeanSling SportTop we recognized a definite temperature increase in the passenger area, especially with the Madstad blade windshield adjusted to it's lowest position, cutting off that airflow. I just may have to try your idea here with modifying the cup holders to see if the temperature can be raised any more for our winter riding? ?


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  • Last winter I had a Vanderhall which came with a regular car heater. It only seemed useful when you were driving slow, like in town, but the vents couldn't be directed downward in the foot well where I wanted it. At speed I couldn't feel any of it. The cup holders sound worth trying and easy to put back if they don't suit.

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