LED Lighting Options

  • I have found a company, Oznium' that has been able to fill my LED Display Lighting needs. They have great products and I have found that the

    Super Thin Ribbon LED Strips were perfect to replace my Splitter LED Lights mounted on the underneath area of the Front Spoiler. I destored a few of the LED's on one side by hitting an object while parking. Your Slingshot does not look good with gaps in your Lighting display. I found this company after a lot of searching on the internet. They had the perfect replacement, the LED Strips were 35" long, I needed about 28" to fit, well these lights strips can be cut every 6" that is 15 LED's. There are also connecting wires from both ends, so you can make two strips.

    They come with an adhesive backing that really sticks and does not peal off. The Light from these LEDs is very bright and cool white, looks really good day or night.

    Here is the Link to Oznium, check them out and see if you can find something that will work for you.

    Susan is the person you will get if you call them. she knows the products and can help you find just what you need. I found her very helpful.

    Here is a look at how my Oznium LED Lights look mounted.


    Here is the link to the product I purchase, they have much more.