• You mean besides the fact that now the government can spy on you and send mind-control signals throughout your whole house?


    I also hear that other symptoms include increased laziness ("Alexa, order a pizza") and loss of bank account volume ("Alexa, buy Slingmods gifts for all my forum friends").

  • We have one and we like it. I have a Iris (lowes brand) smart plug so that Alexia can turn on and off our main living room light. Great when going to bed or if I have to come out at night I can have it turn it on or off when I am still down the hall by our room. only problem is that sometimes the light will randomly turn off or on - I think its the Iris smart plug picking up stray wifi. We also use it for music which my wife loves and probably the most useful thing we use it for is making shopping lists

    Whenever one of us realizes we need to pick something up at the store next trip we just tell alexa to add it to the list - "Alexa, put toilet paper on the list". Its great because you dont have to stop what you are doing to go write it down or enter it on your phone and later when we do get to the store in the Alexa app on the phone is the list with everything we have added over the last few days or weeks

    One thing I will add - I know they make smart locks and smart garage door opener things that you can attach - - with the random light thing we have there is no way I would ever recommend allowing Alexa to lock and un lock my home - - just something to think about

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  • I've had one for about a year now --most of the time i have it disconnected ( the kids use it when they come over) the bitch starts talking for no reason, starts playing songs for no reason -- other than getting the days weather first thing in the morning she's a real pain in the ass -- this is just my opinion of the one I have