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  • Need to hang some bunk beds. No longer need a hotel room when you travel to DDM! :D

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  • Handles are good I hate trying to balance thru grabbing the skinny roof rails. I also painted the floor with Sherman Williams floor paint so it’s easy to wipe up any spills without absorbing into the wood floor.

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  • @rabtech I like the idea of backing in the first one tight to the nose , backing in can be the simplest thing with the use of two slide rails . they direct and keep your rear wheel perfectly on the center line , which will probably be on a center row of e trac. then you don't ever have to even look back , just watch the front tires and keep the drivers side at the predetermined measurement of the wall . For rails on mine I just used 2 1/2 '' angle iron (thinnest wall your metal supplier has) and placed them down open face first which leaves a 2 1/2 '' wall on a 45 degree angle your sling would have to climb to wander out of. and running so parallel to them it is impossible , the tire just continually climbs about an inch max and slides back down , self centering. Just spread them about 2 ft wide at the rear entrance and narrow them down to exactly the tire rear width within the first 6 ft then run them at that all the way to the nose just wide enough for the tread to be in with about an inch to spare and backing in becomes so simple within the self centering rails. You can use about a six '' chunk sideways between them as a stop chock to let you know when your within an inch of the nose. And with the rails keeping your rear tire centered into the nose, about a foot from the stop just crank your wheel left and move the right front tight to the drivers side giving you more room to squeeze out !

    Oh and just looking back at your pics you may even be lined up perfectly with that side door to just step out , Bonus!

  • I will stay on top of this error. I have created a workaround till I move the site to a dedicated server. We have just grown to big for a shared platform.

    Thanks for your understanding....

    I keep getting kicked out every time I try to post. Says I timed out...after less than a minute.

  • if your getting kicked out you need to empty the cookies and cashe on your browser ... also check the time and date on your computer. If your time and date are way off you cant stay logged in.

    Whew ! I gotta stop trying to browse through real fast as I'm scrolling down. for a moment there I thought you were saying a guy could get kicked out for eating too many cookies !

  • Whew ! I gotta stop trying to browse through real fast as I'm scrolling down. for a moment there I thought you were saying a guy could get kicked out for eating too many cookies !

    Nah, that’d be like the pot calling the kettle black!

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  • I will make it like home. I just have so much to install and finish. I just wanted you guys and gals to come in and start posting.

    I know the look is different, And Im working on that in the background.

    I know that were missing some features. Im adding them as fast as i can...

    I know the menu bar is at the top... I have asked the software developer if he could move it for me,

    I know that some counters have been reset. Im trying to rebuild each thing as I can.

    Please try to work with me as I get the bugs out. I am going to be up all night Im sure.

    EricRedSL if you can bear with me I will make it look very much like the old site. I had to make the upgrade. I didnt have much of a choice. And I have to pick the closest theme that I can to what I had. Then I make the changes to tweak it to what we used to see.