Loading Snazzy on Trailer For Florida Return

  • For the members that have never used a trailer option, this is what we have to do for our loading and placing storage containers and all that goes with getting ready to travel. Will give you a view of how we do it. You will get an idea of an open trailer loading. It has the advantage of quick access from all areas. My choice of travelling. We leave in the morning, back to humid, hot days of sweltering heat until about mid Dec. Getting too cold in Georgia Mountains now.

  • Have a safe trip. How about get with @2W2X1 about a photo shop on his picture on the calendar thread post #156. Put the Sling under the wing. It will make a great picture better, I think.

    Thanks Funcycle, hope to arrive in Florida all in good condition. Glad to make a photo edit project for @2W2X1 sounds like a great Project. I will look at the post #156

  • Safe travels! Glad it warmed and dried out here in TX. Been a bleak end of summer/start to fall.

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