Cali helmets

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  • I am not an expert, but I think there are big differences between a federal classification and a state classification. From what I can see the state classifications seem to only impact licensing and helmet type requirements, things like do you need a motorcycle endorsement or do you have to wear a helmet

    Federal classifications are much more significant in that they mandate the safety requirements that the vehicle must meet before it is even allowed on the road.

    This is why all of the state classifications of autocycle keep it as a type of motorcycle - motorcycle is its legal federal classification and I do not believe that the states have the power to change that.

    California dictates air pollution standards above federal standards doesn’t it? They require extra parts on vehicles to be sold in the state. They do cars and trucks, different RV regulations...the feds didn’t try to stop them or change anything....all the vehicles makers cow-down or they don’t sell in California. So don’t think it can’t happen to the SS. In California or any other state. Same as helmet laws from state to state or gun permits...

  • @'Bigdog.

    Yes you’re correct in that California has some of the most stringent regulations if not ALL the regulations in the country however.... The rides that you see out here will really snap your head around. There are some of the coolest “what the hell was that?” riding around. Be cool with it and a lot of things get overlooked here enforcement wise.

  • I was just thinking that after I get my MeanSling top I will probably tempt the fates from time to time and ride without the helmet - those lovely pandas will have a hard time telling if I have the helmet on with the top on the sling - :evil:

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