Adding Armrest Speakers and Amp

  • Hi All,

    I have a 2017 SL LE and want to keep the stock stereo but add an amp and the armrest speakers. I was thinking of mounting the amp under the driver's seat with spacers under it to let water flow if needed. I have a couple questions:

    1) What is the best way to route the wiring from the stock stereo through the SS to the amp and out to the stock and new speakers?
    2) How is everyone connecting their amps to the DC 12V system? (I don't want to run the battery down when not in use)
    3) Is there a decent quality amp that won't break the bank? (I want to hear the music in the cockpit so something not too big)

    I've seen lots of great advice on here but can't seem to navigate back to those threads easily.


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  • Hello Red Rocker,

    I purchased the 2016 base model without a stereo. I have done months of research including talking to "audio guys" before I made my purchase. I have spent more on my speaker pods $600 than my entire system.

    I went with a Rockville Marine amp with Bluetooth because I did not want a head unit and would Bluetooth off my phone. I bought an 1500 w 8ch amp for $150. If you are not wanting to hook up a subwoofer you can get a 4ch Rockville for less than $100. I like the Rockville, it is the best bang for the buck, and made in the USA. I cant see paying loads of cash for a premium amp in an open cockpit vehicle. You just will not be able to hear the difference in the wind.

    I mounted the amp under the drivers seat like you plan to do. I had to cut about a 1 1/4" hole with a hole saw near the floor going out to the battery box. You wire the amp straight to the battery for power. The amp comes with a wire that you have to spice into something that turns on when you start the SS. This keeps the amp from always being on and draining the battery. I went to the cigarette lighter in the glove box but you can probably go to the Stereo. You will have to wire your stereo to the amp by going under the SS to the battery then into the hole you cut. The speaker wires go out that hole as well then route to the individual speakers. You will have to take body panels apart so everything remains hidden.

    I don't know what you plan on doing for speakers but I wouldn't buy two new ones and use the two stock ones. Any speakers you buy will undoubtable be better than the weak sock ones. You want to make sure all your speakers have the same output or the weaker ones will distort. I went with Polk 6.5 Marine speakers because they can handle a lot of power, up to 100w RMS, and are very reasonable at $40 a pair. They were also recommended to me by a friend that is into car audio and knows his stuff.

    The bottom line is that I am very happy with my setup. It is very loud and clear. I was surprised that I didn't have to spend hundreds more to get sound this good. If you have anymore questions I am here to help.

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  • Hi, I installed a JL amp under the passenger seat...added JL 650 speakers to the front ssv pods, rear humps, and side pods. I ran all wires down the sides and behind the seats. Power was taken from the harness that feeds the radio. The system sounds far... LoL.

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