Understanding Website Features Using Computer

  • To make it clear as to how you copy a link from the internet and insert it into a Post or Quote. This is in answer to @EjFord Statement of "Where is the Box".
    Now if you are cruising the internet and you find a photo that you would like to share with folks on a thread that it would help with the discussion. Just right click on the photo and you can go down the list and copy link address or copy image address. Experiment with all options of inserting links and you will be come an expert.

    Here is a video on Inserting a Link in a Post or Quote with Text Id for Link..'

    Inserting Link into a Post or Quote

  • When you cruise the internet, you will some times find material and images that may be interesting in a discussion. There are two ways of dealing with capturing something on the internet for insert into a Post or Quote. If you find a Photo that would work well, you want to right click on the photo, when the content box come into view, go down the list looking for Copy image Link. You will pass Copy Link Address and go on down.
    If you want to insert the whole Website Link, then select Copy Address Link. There you have another piece of the puzzle of what is the difference.

    You will find you will need to find photos and you will get content boxes with many options. Not everywhere in a website will produce the same results. So go play around and see what you can capture for posting. Make it useful for a discussion, mark as test if you just want to try something. You can always experimenter on my Thread. Come over and play all you want, even stuff that has no meaning if you want to test. Now have fun.

    Example of capture content box.

  • Now folks, this is called leading you to water, now you must drink to get the full effect to overcome Thirst! With this thought, lets me give you another bit of helpful infor for navigating. When you are on a Post located somewhere in the middle of the display thread, you can get the the top or bottom of thread quickly by clicking on the Home button or the End Button to move up or down. There is also the Page up and Page down buttons. Lots of navagation buttons to make your visit quick and fun.

  • Now as new members and veteran members get the basics down for our Basic Feature operation, the premium stuff comes to the front burner. That is our Calendar/Events. This is not used very much by our members. It is waiting for you to make local group rides or events possible. Using our Members Location map, you can find members close by and do a "Meet and Greet Ride" with them. Someone has to make the first step. Create a calendar event for your local group ride. You can look at my local group ride I have scheduled for the last part of Oct. You will see how I am getting a few members to sign up on the Participate page. Now give it a try. Just click on the Calendar/Events, and create your Meet & Greet Ride. Need help, let me know!

    Helen Ga Meet and Greet Ride Event

  • Members, we have a new Provider for our Website and rabtech has exceeded our expectation for going beyond the limits for endurance. Let's all give him praise for giving his all for us and our medium for information about our Polaris Slingshot. I want to let new members know that the site is close to the same as before, there are some changes. I will soon try to develop some help to give you some tips on how to master the changes. I did like some of the old features that I hope will come back. View count as a total and not just a K value when 1,000 views has been reached. The present method does not allow real time tracking. I have also seen we do not have the help links for new Guest and members to see how to navigate our website. I am sure these are things that will take time. I will soon do some live broadcast to help with this. I am totally committed to new owners and new members for help. Stay tuned.

  • Here is a Broadcast Video of How to access the features of the New Website. Also if you are not getting the Slingshotinfo Panda and cover photo, you may have a Screen resolution issue. I cover how to check that and change it if that is the problem watch my other video broadcast using a smart device. Go to Samowens Live Broadcast thread.

  • Here is the Broadcast Video on how to access and use website features using a smart device. I also discuss and show how to check Computer Screen Resolution in the case your screen does not display the full view with Cover photo of Panda and Slingshotinfo dot com.