Eldridge Toy Run (Sat, Dec 1st 2018)


Eldridge Toy Run

Sat, Dec 1st 2018

Eldridge, AL 35554, USA


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Closing Date: Sep 25th 2018, 12:00 am
  • It had to be 2017. The first 25 MeanSling tops were at Maggie Valley in '17, and I had one installed. One of Rab's pics has a white SL with a MeanSling top on it.

    Brent, if I remember correctly Rab got his top early so that he could test it for Ruptured Duck. That may be a 2016 picture.

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    ~Mark Twain~

  • It was a miserable day here but thankfully not cold. We still had a good turn out of bikes in spite of the weather. I’ll post some pictures later on but the total raised today for the home was over $81k! We were blessed!!

    Tim "Ghost" Ganey
    Winfield, Alabama

  • I am very proud of what this picture shows!

    While I am proud of the riders that came out Saturday to participate in the event I am most proud of the biker community for building this huge building on the campus of the Childern's Home. Before the bikers built this building we were renting a circus tent to hold this event under. Thanks to the bikers, now when we have inclement weather we have a place to sit comfortably and enjoy our meal and enjoy the program with the children. THANK YOU biker community for your endless caring and giving!

    Tim "Ghost" Ganey
    Winfield, Alabama